West Lafayette Dream Study Destination

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West Lafayette is one of the cities which is situated in the Wabash Township of Indiana across the US. The West Lafayette conveniently sits right across the Wabash River from the sister city of Lafayette. You should not be surprised when you understand that the city is home to some of the renowned travelers. West Lafayette is situated in Tippecanoe County and it is one of the top-notch cities to stay in Indiana.  

The city offers a great blend of urban and suburban vibes due to which it is always one of the best choices for the residents. Not overlooking that it also encompasses the main campus of Purdue University which have around 40,000 students from different parts across the globe. The city boasts a great combination of academic excellence with a dynamic community as well as culture. Here you can come across some of the top-notch student accommodation West Lafayette. If you are also planning to come to this city, then here are the best reasons.  

5 best reasons to select West Lafayette 

Purdue University

Purdue university

One of the best reasons to come over here is the Purdue University. It is an exceptional choice for international students who are seeking a top-tier education in the US. The university is renowned for its distinguished academic programs as well as cutting-edge research which offer a diverse and dynamic learning environment that encourages innovation and excellence. The multicultural campus allows international students to engage with their peers from across the globe. You can gain valuable cross-cultural perspectives with its diverse student body and also the welcoming atmosphere.  

Different types of student accommodations

The cost of living depends on a wide range of factors such as the type of accommodation, the neighborhood as well as personal expenses. The students need to spend around $1700- $2200 every month which comprises the rent of the accommodation, transportation, food, medical costs, and also other important expenses. the cost of living is less expensive than other cities across the USA for international students.  

You will never feel bored

When you are in West Lafayette, you will not feel bored. It is one of the charming cities where you can see some of the beautiful scenic views as well vibrant community. Those who want to stay connected with the culture of the city can check out the different music and art performances. Those who are into books can go to the West Lafayette Public Library which hosts different community events. Here you can find great collection of books. The foodies can go and check out the different local eateries. You can go to Hary’s Chocolate Shop which is one of the most renowned amongst all. In addition to it, who doesn’t love to enjoy nature and the beautiful weather? Just take a bike and enjoy walking on the Cattail Trail alongside the Wabash River across the city.  

A supportive environment for international students to thrive

The Purfdue University offers students more than just academic excellence. They offer the students with a supportive environment for the international students to thrive. Dedicated to affordability and accessibility, this place is known to have frozen tuition for consecutive years and offers a wide range of scholarships and financial aid options. In addition to it, the university’s location in the city offers international students with a vibrant and welcoming community. They boast accolades like 1st Bebe Emerging Housing Market and 1st Best Place across the US. They offer affordable living options as well as ample career prospects.  

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