Students studying automobile engineering or digital marketing need to do a case study on the famous automobile company Toyota. Automobile engineering students will know how Toyota was different and what was special about their cars. They will be able to know about the USP of the company.


On the other hand, digital marketing students will know about the marketing techniques which the company used to attract more and more customers in the business. Toyota’s case study will also help the readers to know about the company in detail. Let’s discuss five tips to complete the Toyota case study correctly.


  1. History of the company– At first you will have to know about the company’s origin. You will need to know how they entered the business and the first few models of the car. You will also have to understand how they evolved with time and gave tough competition to their competitors in the market.


  1. Research sources– You will need to present several facts and figures in your work. On the internet, you will find several fake news stories. So, to avoid those, you always need to take information from genuine sources; you can take the lead from news websites and from Toyota’s official website too. You can take assistance from a research paper writing service and ask them for genuine data sources.


  1. Research– Spent most of the time on the research part. You will have to find genuine data about the company, such as the year they founded, their current turnover and how many cars they sell in a year globally. You will have to be very patient while searching for this information.


  1. Writing – You need to write at least 500-550 words per hour. In that way, you will complete your work on time. If you cannot write that fast and if the deadline is always too strict, you can take assistance from the term paper writing service.


  1. Edit– You need to edit and proofread the research paper correctly. You can take the help of Grammarly. This tool will suggest new words and make your research paper look error-free and sharp.

Academic writing is a part of your life until you step into professional life. During this journey, you learn many things, from tackling assignments to submitting academic papers within the deadline. Assignment writing takes a toll on your life when you have multiple ones to prepare. You can easily create good quality content and unique assignments using free tools thanks to new technology.

Students have a limited budget, so they cannot spend money on using online tools. However, multiple devices come in free of cost and can help students improve their content. Moreover, it checks for referencing because there are different referencing styles like ama referencing, MLA referencing, etc. Check out some of the most helpful tools you can find on the web.

  1. com

When you write an assignment, you need to improve your vocabulary. You need to ensure that you use formal vocabulary. can help you to make an assignment enriched with vocabulary. However, do not use complicated words; learn the correct use of vocabulary in different types of documents.

Students often do not understand what kind of assignment they should do because of standards. So, one must abstain from using both primary and complex words because you must maintain a writing standard. Using this tool will help you develop a high-quality assignment.


Content is the king, as you all know, so to prepare the content, you need material, and where can you get it? You are right. It is through different sources. Most students rely on the web in the digital age, and whatever is paper is available online.

So JSTOR is a database where you can search for books, primary sources, and journals. You can get free access to open community collections of museums, public libraries, and archives.

Grammar Checker

Another most essential tool that every student should use is a grammar checker. When you develop an assignment, you focus on the content, but your marks get deducted due to incorrect spelling.

To avoid a situation like the one mentioned, use a grammar checker and save your content; most grammar checkers are also used as plagiarism checkers. It is like killing two birds with one stone; you can check for both and eliminate all errors like punctuation, grammar, and structural issues.

The above-discussed tools can improve your writing and also help you save time. You can also find free summary generators if you cannot come up with a summary.

Whether you make an investment or take a loan, it can be troublesome if you cannot recognise the actual investment or what it would cumulate to after a specific period. You will find people describe interest rate in several terms like annual percentage yield, annual percentage rate, effective rate, nominal rate, etc. Effective interest rate is the most helpful term since it gives a complete picture of the actual loan and its stated term and performs the calculation.

Step 1: Get accustomed to the concept

Whether you are a student or not, learning the concept of an effective interest rate will help improve your calculation easier. Moreover, students will not need to find someone to “write my essay for me” when doing assignments on an effective interest rate. The effective interest rate describes the total cost of your loan. It considers the effect of compound interest that is left after the nominal interest rate.

Step 2: Analyse the stated interest rate

While you “do my effective interest rate assignment,” you notice the stated interest rate, also termed as nominal interest rate, is expressed as a percentage. It is usually the headline of the interest rate. Looking carefully at the advertisements or brochures, you will notice that the stated interest rate is the top interest rate.

Step 3: Examine the compounding period

An expert of a math essay writing website highlights that the compounding period is the frequency of applying the effective interest rate. It is usually calculated yearly, continuous, monthly or quarterly.

Step 4: Familiarise yourself with the formula

There is only one formula for “my effective interest rate assignment” for non compounded or non-continuous interest. Familiarise yourself with the formula to make accurate calculations. For example, in the formula r = (1 + i/n) ^n – 1, r represents the effective interest rate, i represents the stated interest rate, and n represents the number of compounding periods per year.

However, for continuous compound interest, the formula changes slightly. It becomes r = e^i – 1. Here, r is the effective interest rate, i is the stated interest rate, and e is the constant 2.718.

Step 5: Perform the calculation

Now to perform the calculation, the following steps offer study help:

  • Familiarise yourself with the theory
  • Calculate the number of intervals in a year
  • Multiply the number of interest in a year with 100 and add the interest rate.

The value exceeding 100 will be the effective interest yield.

Thus, if you can keep the 5 mentioned steps in mind, you can quickly do your effective interest rate assignment.

Final thoughts

Academic essays or research papers do help students to know about several things. They just have to be patient and keep their head cool while working on these kinds of heavy projects.

In conclusion, it becomes evident that academic essays and research papers hold a significant role in the pursuit of knowledge and scholarly excellence. These rigorous exercises not only challenge students to delve deeper into their chosen subjects but also foster critical thinking, research skills, and the ability to communicate complex ideas effectively. Beyond the confines of academia, the skills honed through these assignments have far-reaching applications in professional life, enabling individuals to analyze, innovate, and contribute meaningfully to their respective fields. In essence, academic essays and research papers do help, not just in the acquisition of grades, but in the cultivation of lifelong skills that empower individuals to navigate the complexities of an ever-evolving world.

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