Refurbished Phones Can Save Money

Refurbished phones are getting popular these days due to global inflation. Many people are converting to buying old, renewed phones to save money. However, the percentage is still too low, and a big chuck still buys new models on release, spending heftily. This is due to their interest in higher RAM or Processor, whichever matters the most for them. But here, we will tell you the top 5 ways in which refurbished phones can save money. Let’s get into them!

How Refurbished Phones Can Save Money?

Refurbished phones can significantly save a lot of money in different ways. However, several people don’t know how. Well, the possibilities are quite a lot, but we’ve listed the top 5 ways below:

1.   Purchasing Them Instead of Buying a New Model

The most obvious way is upgrading your phone to a refurbished version rather than purchasing a new model. It may be tempting to get a brand-new device. However, they usually cost more and are mostly similar to their previous generations. The primary difference is the chipset that can be 5-10% faster, more efficient, or something.

And believe us, as amazing as it sounds, you cannot tell the difference properly. The other specs have been usually the same for several years, like 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage on budget-friendly mobiles, while 6/8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage on higher models.

Moreover, the camera department mainly depends on the brand you are purchasing. Apple and Samsung are famous for their top-notch results in the flagships, while Vivo, Xiaomi, and Realme rule the mid-tier. And these results are not particularly different in previous and latest devices.

So, you won’t be missing anything when you get an older but renewed smartphone. So, you can save money by getting almost similar specs at a low cost.

2.   Repairing & Spare Parts

Refurbished phones are also easier to repair. Suppose you (unfortunately) damage your mobile and take it to a nearby repair shop. Since they have worked on similar handsets several times because they were launched years ago, the expert there will be more experienced and can repair your phone swiftly.

On the other hand, if they require to replace a component, they can find the spare part easily. Of course, the smartphone industry utilizes mostly the same parts while a few components differ, like chipsets or other parts. However, the shop can get spare parts easily as the phone and its components have been in the market for several years.

And when the repair shop has to exert less effort in repairing, they will charge you less, saving money. Instead, the latest devices will be costly to repair as they are technically complex or new to the technicians, while their spare parts may also get short in the market.

3.   Temporary Affordable Option

They can also save you several thousand rupees in case you suffer a mishap and want a quick solution. Picture this, your phone is lost either in an accident or snatching (an unfortunate situation that doesn’t warn many people before arriving). Now, you want to get a phone immediately to remain in contact with your loved ones.

So, if you are a working man with a limited salary, you cannot afford to buy a new phone till next month. Additionally, if your working requirements demand a feature-rich phone with enough power and storage, you may need to wait more to get the device.

In this situation, you can purchase a refurbished smartphone with similar specs and great features at low prices. Since these smartphones offer the best deals in a short time span, you can get a new, refurbished phone until you save enough money to buy a brand-new model with the same specs.

And who knows the current renewed device may serve you excellently that you don’t need the brand-new model at all, saving you a huge sum of money. Moreover, some devices may also support 6G when it gets emerge in the technological world.

4.   Smartphones for School Children

The refurbished phones are also excellent for school children. With the advancement in technology and the necessity of the modern world, school children also need phones for various purposes, like homework assistance, communication, online classes, and others. To address all these aspects, a bar mobile or cheap smartphone cannot handle the workload.

So, instead of investing heavily in mid-range or high-end smartphones, you can buy a refurbished mobile that has all the required specifications while asking for a little money. They have a decent chipset, RAM, storage, processing power, camera, and other specs to help your children.

On the other hand, these smartphones are also best for poor families. The low-earning people, who want to purchase their children a phone for educational purposes but cannot spend too much money, can turn to these smartphones.

If you know someone having such conditions, you can also help them while saving money. Read another dedicated guide on contributions to help get mobile for poor school children for inspiration and ideas.

5.   Local Business Support

Buying refurbished phones is also affordable since you get a mobile that is mostly repaired and renewed within India. As a result, you support the local business to grow and bloom. Now, this impacts indirectly towards saving money on mobile phones. When you buy a refurbished mobile, you contribute towards the economic growth of the country.

Usually, the companies sell renewed devices to local markets or mobile shops in the areas where mostly low-earners inhabit. When they observe a trend of more sales from a specific region, they will ship more reconditioned devices to that area. It will develop a cycle of renewed smartphone sales, which will bring more competitors.

And since these companies sell these mobiles at lower costs, the residents (who are already in the low-earning sector) get cheaper devices with amazing quality and features. So, if you purchase from the specific region where the refurbished market is trending, you can get even lower rates due to competition.

Why are Refurbished Mobile Phones Cheaper?

You cannot consider refurbished mobiles either as new phones or used models. They are on the borderline between the two devices. They have the traits of used phones since a previous owner has already used the phone. However, they also have the attributes of the new models as the company has removed all or most of its defects.

Why they are cheap is due to potential faults or errors. Although the brands and companies present these handhelds as new models, they cannot deny the fact the devices were returned due to errors. So, these smartphones have proved to be failed when tested, and it is more like their second chance. However, the possibility of the error occurring again is always there.

Moreover, these models are not fresh. They have been launched a couple of years ago (or more). So, the technology used in them is not the latest. On the other hand, if the phone had arrived at the company with visible and significant damages, many defects are not repairable. So, it also plays a crucial role in lowering the cost.


Several people buy refurbished phones every month. However, they are unaware of the other ways in which these phones can save them a lot of money. As a result, when they actually need to save much cash on time, they invest in new mobile models, which are more expensive at their launch time. But you know the top 5 ways that you can save your cash. So, keep these tips in mind and don’t waste extra when you need a mobile phone for that reason.

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