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In today’s digital world, it’s difficult to envisage life without a smartphone, and there is no denying that the iPhone has played a significant role in shaping the way we live and communicate.

Despite Android having given the iPhone stiff competition, it has yet to gain the reputation and tag that customers have given the iPhone.

Since its introduction in 2007, the iPhone has become a cultural phenomenon, with millions of people all over the world relying on it for everything from staying in touch with loved ones to operating their businesses.

Indeed, the iPhone has become so normal that it’s difficult to recall a time when we didn’t have rapid access to the internet, social media, and a world of knowledge at our fingertips. As the iPhone’s popularity grows, it becomes evident that this gadget is more than simply a phone – it’s an essential tool that has transformed the way we live and work in countless ways.

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In this blog, we will analyze the key reasons for the iPhone 14’s redesign and other feature changes, as well as what prompted Apple to take the risk.

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It’s usually a smart move to learn the feature differences between two models, let’s say iPhone 13 pro max vs apple iPhone 14 plus specs, to get the exact idea of what we are going to invest in and gain value for money.

The iPhone 14 Plus, on the other hand, boasts a more powerful processor than the 13 Pro Max. In fact, it has improved by 18%. As a result, your privacy, speed, and processing are enhanced. The 14 Plus is powered by iOS 16, while the 13 Pro Max is powered by iOS 15. Learn more on iphone 14 pro vs iphone 13 pro max specs: Check here.

Key reasons behind Apple’s new iPhone ditch design

The success of the iPhone 13 has drawn the tremendous attention of Apple fans and tech aficionados throughout the world. Many leaks and rumors have surfaced regarding the upcoming generation of iPhones.

Apple’s decision to ditch the traditional design of this best iPhone may be the best decision yet for several reasons.

Larger screen resolution

Firstly, the new iPhone design allows for a larger screen size, which is more significant in today’s era, when people use their smartphones for everything from viewing movies to working remotely.

This is how the previous iPhone versions felt like.

Previous iPhone versions

Check out the technical specifications of: the apple iphone 14 vs apple iphone 13 pro max specs here.

The home button is no longer present

Secondly, the ditch design eliminates the home button, which has been a staple feature of the iPhone since its inception. While the home button was a great feature, it also took up significant screen real estate that can now be leveraged to show more content.

While the ditch design of the iPhone may be a bold move by Apple, it’s unlikely to significantly affect the popularity of the device. While the home button has been a staple feature of the iPhone since its inception, the removal of the home button is just one of several changes that Apple has made to the iPhone’s design over the years.

Also, the absence of the home button has resulted in a bigger screen size and a more streamlined, modern appearance for the iPhone. Furthermore, the addition of new gestures and interactions that make use of the bigger screen size, as well as the elimination of the home button, has resulted in a fresh and engaging user experience for iPhone users.

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Additionally, the iPhone’s success stems from its general usefulness, the convenience of use, and a wide ecosystem of applications and accessories. As a result, while the ditch design may be divisive, it is unlikely to have a substantial influence on the iPhone’s overall appeal.

Inclusively, Apple has always been known for its innovative designs and groundbreaking products, and the ditch design is just one example of the company’s willingness to take risks and push boundaries. While some customers may like the iPhone’s classic appearance, the ditch design is sure to appeal to those who are constantly searching for the latest and greatest in technology.

Streamlined and modern look

Thirdly, the ditch design gives the iPhone a sleeker and more contemporary appearance. The elimination of the home button and the adoption of a sleek, all-screen design give the iPhone a more futuristic and high-end vibe that is sure to appeal to users who are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in technology.

IPhone 14 and 14 Pro Max

Risks to create products that truly stand out

Lastly, Apple’s latest design is a big move for the company, which has long been famed for its inventive designs and game-changing products. Apple has demonstrated that it is not afraid to push the boundaries and take chances in order to develop goods that genuinely stand out in a competitive industry by abandoning the classic iPhone design.

Ultimately, while the ditch design may be divisive, it is a decision that might benefit Apple in the long run by attracting new consumers and keeping old ones loyal to the company.

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iPhone pros and cons

What prompted Apple to reconsider the iPhone’s design? 

There were several reasons that likely led Apple to consider the ditch design for the iPhone:

#1 Screen Size:

One of the original reasons behind the ditch design was to enhance the screen size of the iPhone. A bigger screen became more crucial as consumers began to use their phones for streaming films, playing games, and reading the web.

#2 Competition:

Apple was up against Android handsets that had already embraced the all-screen design. As a result, Apple needs to innovate in order to remain competitive.

Here is the iOS market share data to help you understand Apple’s popularity.

#3 Aesthetics:

Apple has long been recognized for its design style, and the corporation most likely sought to give the iPhone a more streamlined and modern look. Moreover, the iPhone 14 pro max camera specs are exceptional when compared to other models.

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#4 User Experience:

The ditch design enabled a new user experience, with new gestures and interactions that benefited from the increased screen size and the absence of the home button.

If you want to check out the user handbook for the iPhone 14 Max Pro, you can find it here.

#5 Technological Advancements: 

Recent advancements, such as the introduction of Face ID, enabled Apple to eliminate the home button and create an all-screen design.

Face ID is an Apple-developed facial recognition technology that allows users to unlock their smartphones and confirm transactions using their faces rather than a passcode or fingerprint on the touchscreen. A complicated system of sensors and algorithms is utilized by the technology to produce a 3D map of a user’s face, which is then used to recognize the individual and authorize access to the device.

One of the primary advantages of Face ID is its simplicity of usage. Users may unlock their gadgets merely by gazing at them, eliminating the need for a passcode or fingerprint scanning. This makes accessing your smartphone more convenient and smooth, even when you have your hands full or are wearing gloves.

In addition, face ID is more secure than standard passcodes or fingerprint scanners. The system is intended to function just with the user’s face and is resistant to attempts to fake it with photographs or masks. This makes it far more difficult for someone else to get unauthorized access to your device.


In conclusion, the ditch design of the Apple Phone may be divisive, it is a decision that might benefit Apple in the long run by attracting new consumers and keeping old ones loyal to the company.

The addition of Face ID technology to Apple products provides both simplicity and security, making it a beneficial feature for many individuals. Ultimately, a mix of reasons, including changes in user habits and tastes, competition from other devices, and technological breakthroughs, caused Apple to contemplate ditching the iPhone design.

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