Autoweek magazine

Do you have the habit of reading magazines? This is the best way you can kill boredom on a leisurely weekend or holiday. That is the time, you would want to relax, but at some stage, you will feel bored. That is the moment; you can pick up a magazine and read it. The stands sell a variety of magazines and you can pick according to your choice. Are you interested in car culture? Readers whose interests lie in this domain can pick up The Autoweek magazine. This is a car culture publication that is headquartered in Detroit Michigan. It was initially published in 1958 as a biweekly and you will love to hear that one of its founder editors was a professional racer.

A look into its history:

Initially, at the time of inception, it was titled Competition Press. About six years into its circulation, the first major disruption happened and it was circulated weekly. It happened with a name change and was titled Competition Press & Autoweek. Only in the year 1975, the name was further shortened and it got its current name as The Autoweek magazine. It has been known by this name ever since and is immensely popular. This is a magazine catering to the needs of readers who have interests regarding the developments in the auto industry. Are you planning to buy a four-wheeler? You would perhaps want to read the latest reviews before making the decision. This is just the newsfeed you can look forward to from this magazine. You get to know about the latest car launches and can read the reviews. By following this magazine regularly, you can arrive at a decision, in case you need help with model selection.

Understand the various ways to access this magazine: 

Where can I fetch this magazine from? This is the question that could be at the back of your mind and there are two basic ways, you can reach out to this print medium. Here are the details for readers in brief.

  • You can always visit your local stand in the quest to pick up the magazine. This has been the traditional medium to reach out to newspapers & magazines and can continue.
  • The other alternative is you buy a subscription coupon for this magazine and this is the popular theme. Readers love this option and let us now focus on the fine print.

Why is the subscription coupon better?

You can look forward to a cash discount on booking a subscription coupon for The Autoweek magazine. The media house is targeting an enhanced readership base via these offers. This will allow them to quote a higher price to the advertising company.  Amid all the business planning on behalf of the management, the reader gets a lucrative discount and you should not be complaining. You have the liberty to book digital coupons and this way can do away with any form of physical delivery because there is direct access to the website. You can rely on any third-party affiliate for the processing and things should be fine for you as a reader. You are certain to enjoy the experience a lot.

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