Unblock Websites

Unblock Websites

Do you live in a country where social media platforms, applications, and other entertainment sources are banned? Well, it can be any reason, some governments won’t allow their citizens to use such networking platforms due to strict policies.

Many countries with useless impositions make citizens annoyed. Well, necessity is the mother of invention, these blocked social media networks and streaming applications can be unblocked using many different methods. 

Such restrictions become a hurdle for students, and most commonly for content creators. Students need to research and get information on multiple topics they have discussed in their classroom. Moreover, for academic students, these blocked websites can lead to pending assignments and much more. 

Similarly, content creators need to create creative content for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social networking sites. The bans delay their work and as a result, the clients get frustrated and cancel their contracts. 

So, let’s get ahead of time and make sure no bans and restrictions can stop you from being connected and informed with the latest updates. 

What Are Some Websites And Networking Platforms That Get Ban?

There are many websites, communication apps, and other live-streaming apps that are still bam in some countries even in 2023. Some of them are; 

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Netflix
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • Amazon
  • Tinder
  • Snapchat 

These above-listed social media sites are blocked in educational institutions, workplaces, and at home on various IP addresses. 

So, there are many ways, we will discuss some of the most useful and effective ones, so make sure you read the blog till the end. 

Top Methods To Unblock Websites And Applications 

Follow the methods carefully and once you are done with reading, apply these methods and get access to your favorite websites and applications. 

  1. Use A VPN 

Starting from the most effective method, get a VPN installed on all your devices, such as smartphones, MacBooks, PCs, Netflix VPN Firestick, smart TVs, and laptops. 

Getting a VPN is by far the most useful and secure method to get access to your blocked websites and platforms. A VPN masks your IP addresses and allows your devices to connect to websites and applications that are restricted by your internet service provider’s IP Address. 

Moreover, using a VPN allows one to safely scroll through these websites without fearing any cyber threats. Also, some ads keep popping up on the screen making the screen covered with useless and solicited ads. 

How Can A VPN Help? 

A VPN will block these ads and allow you to scroll the websites without any hassle. Besides, some links usually appear as an instant message as soon as you open the websites. These links contain malicious files and make their way into the system. This is how your smart devices get corrupted and hacked.

Moreover, a VPN will give access to more than 100+ servers that allow you to unblock websites, social media platforms, and applications that are blocked In your country. 

So, get a VPN right away so that you can have access to websites as well as have a safe browsing experience. 

  1. Download The Opera Mini

Opera Mini is different from Opera Browser so let’s not get confused with that as it was only available for smaller devices such as Nokia’s mobiles. 

Opera Mini can be used as a proxy too as it has built-in data compressors which will compress the page you browse on its server. This way you can unblock any website that has been restricted in your country. 

Also, you need to open the data saving as it will bypass local filters and will allow you to browse pages that work entirely on Opera’s provided server. 

  1. Try Shortening The URL 

Using a short URL helps too, use a tool that shortens the URL as it unblocks the sites. Just paste the long URLs you wish to shorten and these tools will make a URL that fits best.

You can try Bitly or goo.gl for shortening the URLs in easy go. A website that is working properly will be opened easily by using this method.

Why Are These Sites Blocked At Workplaces And Schools? 

There can be multiple reasons however, the reasons are either for the productivity of the individuals or nationwide bans are for stopping the citizens for political reasons. 

At work 

These networking sites are blocked at workplaces to make sure that employees are not busy scrolling content instead of working. Also, to increase productivity and speed up the work speed which is usually slowed down as employees are busy using these websites. 

Moreover, male employees are caught watching filth and unsolicited content on websites that don’t meet the decorum of the workplace.  

At school

Well, blocking social media platforms on the school’s internet IP address is understandable as students don’t take their studies seriously. Many students are found shooting TikTok reels in the schools as a result these social media sites are not only consuming their valuable time at home but in schools too. 

However, not all students do this, some are curious and look for hidden gems on social media sites. They are interested in artists that are quite popular on social media platforms to take inspiration. But due to some bad guys, the good guys suffer too. 

At home 

At home, parents have set some boundaries for their children and that includes watching content on social media platforms. Parents reach out to internet service providers and cut off all the possible ways of accessing these sites. 

So, to make sure their children are away from any time-consuming applications and sites, parents block these websites on their kid’s devices. 


So, this was all about how to unblock websites and applications and other live-streaming applications and sites. These methods are safe and will not make you a victim of any cyber threat and malicious files.

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