Digital Business Card

You can easily add a digital business card to your Google Wallet in no time. Simply create a pass by uploading your card design and entering your contact details. Customize it to your liking, then generate the pass. Add this pass to your Google Wallet by scanning the QR code or using the URL. You can also email the pass to yourself for quick access. Using this method, you don’t need any additional apps. Stick with us, and you’ll become a pro at effortlessly managing your digital networking needs!

Generating Google Wallet Pass

To create a digital business card in Google Wallet, you’ll first need to generate a wallet pass, which you can customize to fit your brand. This involves uploading your card design, adding your contact details, and setting your desired colors and fonts. Once you’ve input the necessary details, your wallet pass will be created.

Next, you’ll need to add it to your Google Wallet. This is as easy as scanning the QR code or accessing the URL that was generated when you created your wallet pass. You can also email the pass to yourself and open it on your phone. Once you’ve added it to your wallet, your digital business card is ready to be shared.

Distributing Multiple Business Cards

When you’re ready to go big and distribute multiple digital business cards, Uniqode’s platform makes it a breeze with its bulk sending feature. This tool allows you to send out over a thousand digital business cards with a single click, streamlining your networking process. You can toggle the auto-send feature, ensuring the wallet passes go straight to their rightful owners.

After setting up, simply click ‘Save’ and your batch of digital business cards will be on their way.

This method not only saves you time but also guarantees that your business cards reach the maximum number of people. So, whether you’re hosting a large event or launching a marketing campaign, you can rely on Uniqode’s platform to efficiently distribute your digital business cards.

Utilizing Unicode for Business Cards

With Unicode, creating and sharing digital business cards for your Google Wallet becomes a seamless process. This platform simplifies the task, allowing you to add a digital business card to your Wallet in just two clicks. Uniqode’s user-friendly interface and customizable features make the process smooth and efficient, catering to all your professional needs.

Security is a top priority for Uniqode. It ensures your business card activities are safeguarded with enterprise-grade security measures. So, sharing your digital business card isn’t only simple, but also secure with Uniqode.

In the world of digital business cards, Uniqode stands out as one of the best solutions. It’s efficient, secure, and invariably tech-savvy. With Uniqode, you’re not just sharing a business card, you’re sharing a complete professional identity.

Unicode Versus Other Platforms

Let’s dive into a comparison between Uniqode and other popular platforms like Blinq and Popl, highlighting the unique features and advantages that Uniqode brings to the table.

When it comes to customization, Uniqode stands out. Here’s why:

  1. More customization options: Unlike Blinq, Uniqode offers a wider range of templates, allowing you to design a business card that truly reflects your brand.
  2. Advanced analytics features: Uniqode provides insights into how your card is being used, a feature not offered by Popl.
  3. QR code-focused: Unlike Popl, which focuses on NFC technology, Uniqode emphasizes QR codes, offering greater compatibility with devices.
  4. Integration: Uniqode integrates with a broader range of platforms, making it easier for you to share your digital business card.

Choose Uniqode for a comprehensive, user-friendly digital business card solution.

Unveiling Uniqode Company Profile

Diving into the heart of innovation and technology, you’ll find Uniqode, a leading company that specializes in digital business card solutions. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in the United States, Uniqode serves a global customer base with its cutting-edge solutions. They’ve made a name for themselves by investing in research and development to consistently evolve and add new features.

The team at Uniqode, comprised of seasoned professionals, is dedicated to revolutionizing digital networking. They focus heavily on customization, providing you with a user-friendly platform that delivers advanced analytics and a wide range of templates. You’ll appreciate their commitment to diversity, inclusion and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, their enterprise-grade security measures ensure the safety of your business card activities.


That’s it! In just two minutes, you’ve revolutionized your networking game with a digital business card in your Google Wallet. No more fumbling with traditional cards, just swift, efficient exchanges via QR code.

With Uniqode’s features, customizing and distributing your business card has never been easier.

So, go on, embrace this tech-savvy way of making connections and take your professional networking to the next level.

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