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kraft boxes

Every product manufacturer want to make its packaging according to the standards and for making it perfect to environmental standards they have to obey some rules. For this, the processing of the packaging boxes must not affect the environment of atmosphere. Considering this, the companies make use of Kraft material which is Eco-friendly and totally organic. The Kraft boxes have another special property which is its ability to recycle. Other forms of packaging material like rigid, bux-board and cardboard are not recyclable and that is why Kraft material stands out from the category of material used for making boxes. This is the reason why Kraft packaging is getting famous day by day. Below is the list for uses of Kraft packaging.

1. Food & snacks packaging

In restaurants and bakeries, the owners deliver food to their customers using Kraft packaging because it is considered as environment friendly and customers trust on it. Likewise, the snack bar owners also sell fresh snacks in Kraft packaging boxes because it is lightweight and products like popcorn, sandwiches, nuggets and fries can be easily served inside these boxes.

Many of the take away food chains order thousands of Kraft packaging boxes for their business. They found it cheap, lightweight and easy to customize according to the food items they sell. Chinese food restaurants use white Kraft packaging in which a white boxes with handle is filled with the food and handed over to the customer. It not only preserve the taste of the eatable but also crave the customers to eat the food immediately from it.

The ability of Kraft material to be printed makes it easy for the food sellers to attract customers. They print the images of their food on the box which urge the food lovers to visit the restaurant and eat that particular food item. Just like the food sellers use different marketing techniques, they use packaging to take fullest advantage from it to do branding and marketing.

2. Jewelry packaging & display

Jewelry items are stylish and its style needs to be very prominent on display because ladies always judge the quality of product through its presence. As a jewelry manufacturer, you must take lightweight display packaging for which Kraft is the best material. The brown color of Kraft packaging will make a perfect contrast with the color of jewelry and your customers would love to touch and buy it from the display of your stores. Furthermore, if you even want to pack the jewelry inside the packaging boxes, even then you can use Kraft material. It will multiply the appeal of your jewelry and you will get positive result out of it.

When ladies want to gift something jewelry to their loved ones, they look for a much decorated packaging that can surprise the recipient. Kraft packaging boxes can be used to pack gifts because it look elegant and can be made in different shapes and sizes according to the size of the gift.

3. Garments and apparel packaging

Apparel companies have various products that needs special packaging to get prominent on the stores. Specially, socks and under garments remain un-noticed by the customers because of being the low profile item. This is why boxes are used to make them noticed and when they are made from Kraft material it makes them stand out from the other items. Due to the uniqueness and different look of Kraft made boxes, people want to see what is inside the box. Hence, it helps in making more sales.

4. Provides Eco-friendly packaging

As the world in facing difficulties to manage the land waste, your packaging should not add more difficulty in it. The use of Kraft material in the manufacturing of the boxes is a perfect way to help control the land waste issue. Kraft is not only recyclable but also sturdy enough that its box can be reused for some other purpose.

Even the companies are now using cruelty-free inks and special box processing techniques that can help in making environment friendly boxes. If you are selling cosmetics, food, electronics or apparel products, you should opt for die cut boxes made from Kraft material because it has number of benefits. To make it fancy, you can make use of add-ons, printing and finishing options like matte, gloss, lamination and coatings. This will not only make the packaging attractive but also help in branding and marketing. Because, when your logo is printed on Kraft packaging box with matte coating, everyone will notice it and will know about your brand.

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