Lume deodorant reviews

The application of deodorants is becoming paramount as a part of personal hygiene. Lume deodorants have burst onto the scene like a fragrant meteor. Where conventional deodorants include the usage of aluminum to block pores and prevent sweat, Lume deodorants are not just a respite from odor but an olfactory adventure if compared with others. 

Besides, with a plethora of choices, individuals can embark on an aromatic journey. The deodorants produced by Lume have gained considerable attention because of their unique approach to controlling odor. In this review guide, users can pay attention to details like its effectiveness, the variety of scents available, and Lume reviews by consumers.

How to Use Lume Deodorant

Lume Deodorant is one such product that comes with a specific application process. Lume deodorants include multiple natural ingredients like barbadensis leaf juice, tapioca starch, and maranta arundinacea root powder. These ingredients help to control odor and sweat. Despite these, the primary ingredient is mandelic acid which has an antibacterial effect.

On the other hand, Lume prevents bacteria from reacting with bodily fluids like sweat and odor. Therefore, if someone hasn’t washed for several days and is beginning to smell, putting on some Lume will not suffice for another 24 hours.

Variety of Lume Deodorants 

Here’s the list of scents available for customers with different needs and preferences:

  • Unscented: The traditional deodorants do not avoid chafing in the absence of aluminum whereas Lume contains powers to stop chafing. The Lume’s fragrance-free or unscented option is mostly adored by those who prefer no added scent.
  • Peony Rose: Peony rose is a floral and slightly sweet scent. It is considered quite similar to Jasmine Rose, but the reality is different. Although, it smells floral but in a distinct way. 
  • Lavender Sage: It came as a solid stick, including herbaceous and floral qualities. More often, it combines the calming notes of lavender that too with the earthiness of sage. 
  • Warm Vanilla: Warm vanilla is a comforting sweet scent reminiscent of warm vanilla cookies. This Lume scent for private parts smells like cake frosting. 
Note: The Lume’s Warm Vanilla Scent is now discontinued on both Amazon and Lume’s official website.

  • Coconut Crush: Coconut crush is a solid stick scent whose fragrance is a bit faint. Although, it’s a tropical and exotic scent with the essence of fresh coconuts and a hint of sweetness. 
  • Silver Spruce: It is a crisp and outdoorsy scent that later evokes the aroma of fresh pine. Silver spruce is a creme-formed stick scent that smells completely different from what it claims to.  
  • Clean Tangerine: A zesty and invigorating citrus scent that doesn’t overpower the minute it comes out of the tube. By combining the freshness of tangerines with a clean, it gains a slightly botanical uplifting quality.

Pros & Cons Associated With Lume’s Deodorants 

Pros Cons
Effectively prevents odor. The fragrances are underwhelming.
It comes in varied forms. The formula has an off-putting odor.
Made with naturally derived ingredients. The products are quite expensive if compared with others. 
It prevents chafing better than other natural deodorants. The cream stick gets crusty quickly.
It lasts for a longer period of time.

Lume Deodorant Reviews

  • “Works great for me! Got the unscented and I have zero odor even after a long, strenuous shift at work! ” – Leah A.
  • “The smell is awful…”
  • “I get tears of joy at how my confidence level is through the roof” – Lili P.
  • “… like white cheddar cheese puffs”.
  • This cream really works!! The skin on my legs is so rough and this cream makes them feel so smooth! I love the fragrance too! – Kay F.
  • I love these products use them all the time. I have so many people who are using the products now. – Charline L.
  • Good, not spectacular – Denise K.
  • Very moisturizing. nice smell (TANGERINE BODY CREAM) – Tory W.

Final Words

The huge range of Lume deodorants has made a strong impression with its innovative approach to odor control, natural ingredients, and an array of enticing scents. Although it might require a slight adjustment period its effectiveness and eco-friendly initiatives all together make it a worthy choice. However, Lume deodorants let individuals feel fresh from their classic scent to unique fragrances. So, make sure to try it out first and then build any conception about it.

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