While it might be a pleasure to live in Al Barsha, the intense heat of the desert can make your house feel like an oven. Even though air conditioning is a lifesaver, using it excessively can result in exorbitant energy costs and harm to the environment. This post will go over some ingenious ways to keep your Al Barsha house cool without using the air conditioner too much.


1. Close Up Any Holes

Let’s start with the fundamentals before Ac services al Barsha  delving into further cooling techniques. Check for any cracks or leaks in your windows and doors. By properly sealing these gaps, you can keep warm air out of your house and keep the temperature inside bearable.

2. Make Use of Natural Airflow

We love the chilly evening breezes at Al Barsha. In order to benefit from this natural ventilation, open your windows at night and in the evening. Cross-ventilation can assist in drawing in cooler air from outside and expelling heated air.

3. Make a ceiling fan purchase

A cheap approach to move air around your house and give it a wind-chill effect is with a ceiling fan. For the most efficient cooling in the summer, turn your ceiling fans counterclockwise.

4. Put on Adhesive Window Films

Reducing the quantity of heat entering your home can be accomplished by applying reflective window coverings to your windows. By reflecting sunshine, these coatings help to keep your interior cooler and shield your furnishings from UV damage.

Choose Light-Colored Roofs

If you are able to choose the roofing material for your house, think about going with reflective or light-colored roofing. Lighter roofs reflect heat, retaining the interior temperature at a lower level than dark roofs.

6. Plant Trees for Shade

Planting shade trees in a strategic manner helps naturally cool your home. Their ability to provide shade can greatly lessen the amount of heat that seeps into your living areas.

7. Install Awnings or Blinds Outside

You may prevent direct sunlight from entering your windows using exterior shutters or awnings. The west-facing windows that receive the strongest afternoon sun benefit most from these systems.

8. Apply Paint That Reflects Heat

Your home’s exterior can be painted with cool paint, sometimes referred to as heat-reflective paint. It decreases heat absorption and reflects sunlight, keeping your house cooler.

Opt for Lighting That Uses Less Energy

LED lighting is more energy-efficient than incandescent lighting. In your home, incandescent lamps generate more heat whereas LED bulbs stay colder and lessen the overall heat load.

10. Smart Cooking

Avoid using equipment that produce heat, such as stoves and ovens, during the hottest portion of the day. To avoid your house overheating, choose to cook in the nights when it’s cooler or opt for no-cook or microwave dishes.

11. Employ Fabrics That Cool

Select upholstery and bedding composed of cool, breathable materials like linen or cotton. These materials provide improved ventilation and increase the coziness of your house.


12. Establish Inter-Ventilation


Put fans in strategic locations next to windows to improve cross-ventilation. This can support the continuous circulation of cold air throughout your living areas.

13. Keep Your Air Conditioning Up to Date

Make sure your air conditioner is in good working order if you can’t stay away from it entirely. It can chill your house effectively and run Air conditioner repair dubai smoothly with routine maintenance.


14. Turn off sources of unwanted heat


Find and shut off any heat sources that might be entering your house. One way to do this would be to caulk the spaces around vents, pipes, and electrical outlets.


15. Adopt Natural Cooling Methods

Finally, take into account conventional cooling techniques like hanging damp drapes next to windows or utilizing clay pots packed with water. Water evaporation cools the air around it.


Maintaining a cool home without overusing air conditioning in Al Barsha is not only cost-effective but also environmentally beneficial. Your living area can remain comfortable and your energy usage can be decreased by implementing these suggestions and minor lifestyle changes.


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