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Flowers are always charming because of their vivid colours and soft fragrances, which can convey thoughts of happiness or sorrow. Many florists in Melbourne, a city known for its creative flare and cultural diversity, are not only excellent at creating beautiful arrangements, but they also excel at offering the extra convenience of free flower delivery. Here is a carefully chosen list of Melbourne’s best florists that provide complimentary delivery services, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or sending condolences. Because of their skill, every bouquet is delivered promptly and in perfect condition, making them the perfect choice for any event that calls for the elegance and beauty of flowers.

1. Flower Club Studio

Situated in the centre of Melbourne, Flower Club Studio has won praise for its outstanding flower arrangements that skilfully combine originality and refinement. With a focus on custom designs for a range of events, including business meetings and weddings, Flower Club Studio maintains an unwavering dedication to excellence. They promise to amaze recipients with every arrangement, and their commitment is demonstrated by their free flower delivery service across Melbourne, which guarantees that every bouquet is delivered fresh and on time.

2. The Flower Merchant

The Flower Merchant, which is located in the busy South Melbourne Market, is well-known for its colourful flower arrangements and first-rate individualised service. They provide a wide variety of fresh flowers that are procured directly from nearby growers, ensuring exceptional quality and environmentally friendly methods. The Flower Merchant is a convenient method to send heartfelt messages to loved ones or beautify your house with seasonal flower arrangements that captivate with their freshness and beauty. The Flower Merchant offers complimentary delivery across Melbourne CBD and its neighbouring areas.

3. Flower Club

Famous for its creative and sophisticated flower arrangements, Flower Club is located in the centre of Melbourne. Flower Club offers personalised designs that span from traditional elegance to modern flair. Their creative masterpieces are ideal for weddings, business gatherings, and private festivities. Each bouquet is delivered promptly and in perfect condition, leaving the recipients in awe of its elegance and scent. Customers may enjoy their gorgeous floral arrangements with ease and dependability because to Flower Club’s dedication to quality, which includes a free flower delivery service across Melbourne.

4. Kate Hill Flowers

For almost twenty years, Kate Hill Flowers has been a well-liked presence in Melbourne’s floral scene, known for their creative flare and painstaking attention to detail. Whether you’re more into exotic flowers or traditional roses, Kate Hill Flowers has a wide selection of bouquets that are appropriate for every occasion. Their wide-ranging free flower delivery service covers all of Melbourne, so you can easily surprise a loved one or make an impression on your surroundings with their unique floral arrangements. You can rely on Kate Hill Flowers to provide not just flowers but also sincere messages and beautiful moments all around the city.

5. In Full Bloom

In Full Bloom, which is well-known for its quirky designs that exquisitely capture the spirit of natural beauty, is situated in the lively Fitzroy neighbourhood. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic centrepiece or a romantic bouquet, every arrangement at In Full Bloom is painstakingly made to exude flair and feeling. In keeping with their dedication to quality, they provide free delivery across Melbourne and the ease of same-day service for orders submitted before a certain time. This guarantees that each flower arrangement is sent with a dash of elegance and flare, fresh and vivid, and ready to make its recipient smile.

6. Garden of Eden Flowers

Located in the leafy Richmond neighbourhood of Melbourne, Garden of Eden Flowers is well-known for its serene and beautiful arrangements inspired by gardens. They source their flowers locally wherever feasible since they are committed to sustainability and make sure that eco-friendly methods are followed without sacrificing quality. Their free delivery service covers all of Melbourne, giving clients convenience with a dash of luxurious plants.

7. Melbourne Fresh Flowers

Melbourne Fresh Flowers provides a variety of solutions to accommodate various tastes and preferences. The company specialises in both conventional and contemporary flower designs. Their talented florists craft unique arrangements that make an impression, from sophisticated bouquets to intricate flower displays. Melbourne Fresh Flowers guarantees that every delivery is handled with care and arrives in ideal condition. Free delivery services are offered across Melbourne.

8. North St Botanical

North St Botanical, which is situated in North Melbourne, is well-known for its elegant yet understated flower arrangements that highlight the simplicity and beauty of nature. Their dedication to use in-season flowers guarantees that every arrangement is not only visually beautiful but also ecologically responsible. Offering complimentary flower delivery inside Melbourne, North St Botanical serves discriminating clients seeking classic style and environmentally friendly methods.


Selecting the best florists in Melbourne is about more than just convenience; it’s about choosing a floral partner that can convert your feelings into beautiful arrangements and who speaks the language of flowers. For whatever occasion—celebrating a milestone, expressing thanks, giving condolences, etc.—the florists listed above provide free flower delivery in addition to their dedication to excellence, originality, and client happiness. The next time you want to add floral beauty to your environment or make someone’s day, think about these best florists in Melbourne, that provide exceptional service with each and every bouquet.

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