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Gmail has millions of users and the credit goes to its simple accessibility. From creating a Gmail account to accessing it, the simple user interface helps a lot. There are lots of users who are looking to open their mailbox after creating an account. Whereas some are looking to create an account on Gmail and some are to send emails. Well, if you are also one who is new to Gmail then, here is the way to open Gmail Inbox Message.

What does Inbox Folder mean in Gmail?

Inbox Folder or Inbox Label is the main label of Gmail. It stores all emails which you get from other people even if it is a spam email in some cases. If you are the one who is expecting an email and want to check Inbox occasionally then, we are here.  Well, going to the Inbox of Gmail is really very simple. Not only simple but, the default view of Gmail when you access your account is Inbox. The Default view of Gmail cannot be changed and hence, you always can go to the Inbox when you access your account.

  • First and foremost, go to by using the web browser. Chrome is a suggested web browser to sign in to Gmail. Because Gmail and Chrome is the product of Google so it will be more exciting.
  • Now, you will be on a new page where you have to enter the Username and Password of your account. There will be two fields for the credentials one for username and another for password. Enter the credentials in the required field.
  • Re-check the username and password and then, click on the Sign-in option. You will be now in your Google account. As you can see that the default view is the Inbox folder
  • After that, go to the ‘Inbox link from the left panel. If there is nothing like inbox then, click on the same name and go to the folder

Note: There are some users who may lose their passwords. In that case, you can recover the password by clicking on the “Forgotten Password” link. Didn’t find this link? Hold on!

Gmail Password Recovery Step

  • Go to and follow the same procedure which you have already for seeing the Inbox
  • When the sign-in page opens, you have to go to the Username and Password box
  • Enter your username and then, see just below the password box for the “Forgotten Password” link
  • Click on that link. Then, you will be on the next page where you will have to provide an alternate email address. Else, you have to enter the phone number on which you can get a verification code or link for recovery purposes.
  • If you don’t have that alternate email address or Phone number then, you will have another option left. Google will ask some questions which you have to answer. Those questions are set by you only while the account creation procedure. This answer will help to recover your account. You must have the answers so that the service can believe that you are the owner

In short, you have to follow the steps as prompted on the screen for the password recovery procedure. Make sure that you have a good internet connection and an up-to-date Gmail app.

On Android- Access Gmail Inbox

  • Make sure that you have a trusted Gmail app. There you have to open Android’s App Drawer by tapping on the Home screen. Now, look for the red-and-white Gmail app
  • This is the time to open Gmail. For that, go to the app icon that looks like a red “M” on White background
  • After that, tap on Take Me to Gmail and it appears at the bottom of the screen
  • Then, you have to enter the password if asked. Gmail password to access your account and enter that in the text field and tap on Next
  • Wait for the inbox to load and when you are all set, choose the account and access your Gmail inbox

When you are on the Inbox folder of Gmail then, you are all set. Contact Gmail Help to get instant assistance regarding the same. Well, apart from the inbox there are some more folders Gmail has. This service also allows you to create labels for better management of messages. When there are labels for each message category, it will become very simple for you to access the message from the label allotted for that email. The technical experts are there to assist you if there is any login-related issue.

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