What Is Technical SEO? 5 Important Checklists


The process of website and server optimization for the crawling and indexing phase is known as Technical SEO. It gives ease of use in your website for website users and web crawlers.

Backend optimizations of website, page speed improvement, internal linking, usability, are all part of Technical SEO, and any SEO Company in India would be a big help to set it up. All the requirements of search engines in order to increase crawlability are covered by Technical SEO. 

Optimization of Technical SEO provides the best possible environment for the content and links in your website in the search engine results. An SEO management company helps you get the maximum value of your website investment by strategizing the Technical SEO optimizations. Here is a checklist for a quick reference:

Page Speed: 

The measurement of how fast the page of your website loads is page speed. Several factors like a site’s server, page and image filesize, etc. determine a page’s loading speed. Various methods like compressing images and codes, implementing CDN, browser caching, etc. can be done to improve your site’s page loading speed.

Schema Mark-up: 

Rich snippets in SERP are possible via a structured data vocabulary standard or better known as Schema Mark-up. Schema tags help your web content more visible and in turn, increases CTR (Click-Through-Rate). More informative results can be obtained by web users when Schema Markup is placed on the website. 

HTTPS Encryption: 

This helps in the privacy and security of your website. Verification of the website, prevention of tampering by third parties, and more. A good SEO Company in India would be able to help you switch without difficulty from HTTP to the additional layer of security of HTTPS.

Crawling, Indexing, Ranking: 

Crawling by search engines follows links on your website to find the most important pages. It scours the internet for code or content in each URL they come across. 

Another name for the database used by search engines is known as ‘Index’. The storage of information about all the retrieved pages during crawling for later retrieval is known as Indexing. 

The ranking is the process of determining the relevance of the contents of each retrieved page and how it should be ranked for relevant queries. The relevant and well-written content of a website enables better ranking in search engine optimization.

Mobile Accessibility: 

This refers to the flawless viewing of your website content on mobiles via search engine optimizations. More and more web users nowadays access sites on their mobile devices. The web design should either be more mobile responsive or separate mobile URLs should be incorporated into your website.

Website development becomes hassle-free if outsourced to an SEO management company that would enable you to create a strong technical foundation for your website. Moreover, tracking and deleting thin and duplicate content becomes easier with the help of experts. It is of extreme importance as it allows your website to negate unnecessary traffic to get a higher ranking. 

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