What is Virtual Counseling?

Virtual Counselling

Under lockdown, huh? Feel like social isolation is a threat to your everyday productivity? Will your big positive potential action plans have come to a complete stop? The highest priority in the world right now is to combat the coronavirus. Through using social isolation as our main tool, we are defending ourselves and our fellow human beings from this pandemic. Of course, our wellbeing is an important part of our lives, but does that mean that we cannot hang on to our hopes and aspirations? No, definitely not!

We at IEC have helped more than 20,000 students abroad to expand their horizons in foreign universities. Now we’re here to try and head-start your life-changing global educational journey through virtual therapy!

What is this Virtual Counseling?

Millennial times provide us with clear and simple millennial solutions. With the current situation, none of us can get out of the building. So, there is no question of a face-to-face meeting. Digital therapy aims to make this difficult situation successful.

Certainly, the present situation raises a lot of questions and concerns. You would most likely have questions and concerns regarding the immediate future of education abroad. This is exactly what we’re going to do. Digital therapy is a way for us to help you navigate the present murky waters so that you can always make your dreams come true.

You can contact us via our website. Do you feel the need for human touch? You can also contact our counsellors directly through phone calls, WhatsApp and Skype.

Click here to read Edvoy and get a better understanding of this new model that will help you on your study – abroad – journey.

No! No! In a face-to-face consultation session, you can meet a counselor, explain your questions and speak to them about your interests. You’re probably going to see them a couple more times to get the right idea and bring it into effect. That’s just what’s going to happen in virtual therapy, barring your travel back and forth between your home and the consulting office. Digital Consultation-Complete consultation from home. No ride, less energy, only stress free useful knowledge and guidance.

In view of the current situation, don’t you think that effortless virtual consultation is the way forward?

What are we going to do for you online?

Our educational consultants are professionally qualified in providing full support right from the selection of your chosen courses and universities to time-consuming procedures such as visa screening and pre-departure. Let’s look at how you’re going to collaborate with us on your path to your destined international university.

Step 1: Tell us your interests – Student Profiling This is your first move. Call us and speak to us about all your hopes, desires, study abroad. Please give us your list of favorite universities and courses along with a brief student profile. Leaving your home country to study abroad can be frightening. Write to us about your questions and your requests. You’ll have clarification at the end of this session, and we’ll have enough data to get to work and to curate a customized plan. We will then carry out a thorough review of your profile.

Stage 2: Application planning – Documents; SOPs; Entry Exams Things are heating up now. We will provide you with a detailed customized plan outlining your deadlines and specifications. • Assessments There are many known assessments used by universities during admissions such as IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT and GRE. We’re going to tell you the score and the exams that your chosen university expects. Many colleges favor GMAT, others choose GRE. We’re going to tell you the exam that you need to get to your dream university. In addition, we will also help you prepare for these exams. It is important to remember that most mainstream research organizations are now focusing on online learning for students to take them home.

Checklist of records! Checklist! Checklist! Many of us have qualifications that are more than enough to be admitted to our dream school. The tricky part is to provide every document and detail needed correctly and as planned by the university. Every university needs a specific collection of documents. Therefore, there is a need for a checklist.

  • SOPs and admissions the intent statement is, in most cases, the item that makes or breaks your admission. We’re going to help you put your passion and dreams on paper to build an inspiring SOP to impress the university. After cross-checking everything thoroughly, we’ll help you apply.

At this point, you can be excited to start receiving calls from your dream schools.

Phase 3: Receiving calls from universities We can be your contact point for the university. On the university side, you will have access to details on the progress of your submission. As soon as you start getting calls from colleges, the next move will be admission interviews.

Interviews are very daunting for many applicants. Note, the university is already pleased with your qualifications and is now looking to get to know you. It is important, therefore, to remain calm and react confidently. Our specially trained counselors in this field will help you put your best self forward.

So, what’s next, then? – Verified admission to your future college!

Imagine doing all this when you’re at school! It appears to be unreal, doesn’t it? We’re helping you make this possible. In addition, we also assist in time-consuming procedures such as visa and pre-departure. We support you all along your journey.

As a global citizen, stay at home to help avoid the pandemic. As a person with passion, make your dreams come true from home.


Virtual Counseling

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