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wholesale knives

The struggle to find the best knife that is durable and also costs less is real. If you are a knife enthusiast or a professional knife-seller, you need quality and quantity. You can save yourself quite a lot of time and energy if you buy wholesale knives. Bulk buying allows you to choose more options and also maintain your budget.

What Types of Knives Can You Buy?

Looking for the right blade can be challenging when you have limited choice. Real knife users know that each blade has its function and design. 

To find unique and useful Wholesale Knives, you need to know what’s out there in the market for you to buy. You may have a fair idea of what you need; you can get all kinds of knives from your local warehouse stores.

  • Dagger Knives

Technically daggers are specific weapons that are used for self-defense and combat. Given that dueling’s chances might be slim, a dagger knife is primarily used for butchering and hunting.
People also like to collect daggers because they are historically famous weapons in literature and warfare. You can again buy ornamental, decorated daggers that are purely meant for collecting. 

  • Pocket Knife

The typical pocket knife is smaller than a dagger but more significant than a razor blade. Unlike most single-blade knives, pocket knives are designed for multi-purpose use. They have small built-in tools like screwdrivers, rope cutters, and bottle openers.

There are two varieties of pocket knives that are prevalently used; manual-folding and spring assisted knives. For your everyday tasks and camping trips, manual knives work just fine. In the case of emergencies and life-hacks, spring assisted knives are swifter, safer, and potent.  

  • Hunting Knives

Under the banner of hunting knives, you can find various fixed blade knives. They are far sturdier and comparatively durable than regular chef knives, and they also have specific designs for hunting.

Each blade assists in gutting, skinning, butchering, and filleting the different kinds of hunted meat. Ranging from small ranger daggers to machetes, hunting knives are abundant and handy for messy work.

  • Novelty Knives

Now, this category of knives is associated with blades that are not common-place.  They are either built for a specific period or purpose and aren’t the first choice to buy. Brass knuckle knife is one such blade that’s preferred by fighters or collectors. It has a knife and a knuckle weapon’s double action, but only the experienced use it. 

  • Concealed Knives

The concept of a hidden blade is centuries old; it’s been in use since ninjas existed. The idea is to have a knife concealed or disguised as something ordinary and used for self-defense. Nowadays, hidden blades are used for self-defense as they give you the benefit of stealth. 

The Best Knives For Multi-Purpose Use

If you have a sense of what kind of blade you want but don’t know where to look, read ahead. Here are some of the best knives you can buy online without hassle. 

  • If you want a handy tool that can also protect you when needed, you can get something from Tac Force.  Their Spring Assisted Bottle Opener Knife has a semi-serrated blade, bottle opener, and pocket clip. Your outdoor trips can become so much more comfortable knowing you have an all-purpose knife. 
  • For self-defense, you need something quick to retrieve and easy to use. Mtech is an excellent option to look for defense weapons, as their Opening Butterfly Knife. The fast action of this spring-loaded knife allows you to fight back a criminal.
  • If you know how to use it well, there is nothing better than a 9-inch Karambit Knife.  Master USA has a range of exquisite hunting karambit knives that will blow your mind.
  • When it comes to hunting, the best knives are found at Elk Ridge. They are the leading manufacturers of perfectly crafted hunting knives. The Natural Pakkawood Hunting Knife set is a dream duo every adventurist needs. 

Collecting Cool Knives For Showcase 

Every knife can be used in specific scenarios, but some knives are more form than function.  Knife collectors have a flair for gathering ornamental and regal knives, everything from swords to small daggers.

The range of collectible knives is usually different from the tactical, multi-purpose blades. Their primary function is decoration, and that’s the focus of their design as well. You can save money by buying authentic-looking knives from online stores rather than expensive pawn shops.

  • The first kind of collectible is stylish yet straightforward engraving knives that you can customize. If there is one thing more appealing than the old blade, it’s one with your name on it. You can get something like the Brown Pakkawood EDC knife from Master USA and get it engraved. 
  • The second category of collectibles is antiques or old-school weapons. These knives are hard to find and pricey. You can get authentic, ornamental blades like the Scottish Celtic Dagger at the half price online. 
  • The last kind of collectible knives is purely for décor or showcase. They are usually replica weapons of movie props, fantasy, and game weapons. There is a huge group of collectors who buy these themed knives. If you also have a liking for collectibles, you wouldn’t want to miss the Paul Ehlers dagger sword. It comes with a marble-textured display and stands.    

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Buying Cheap Knives From Reliable Sources

You have a comprehensive overview of the kind of blades that you can acquire from the market. You can conclusively decide exactly what to get and what blade is the best. But if you need to find a place to get all these best knives, there’s no one better than KnifeImport. 

Online stores have a complete collection of knives that suit all kinds of people. They cater to the professionals, adventurists as well as collectors. If you like the assortment of blades listed above, KnifeImport is the place to get these knives for sale. All these fantastic designs and hundreds more are nestled under the banner of Knife Import. Buy the knife you love without worrying about money and quality.


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