Why Mobile App Development Is Important For Businesses?

mobile app development

Believe it or not, more than 2.7 billion of the global smartphone users are spending 90% of their mobile time on apps in 2020. It is surprising but true!

It is an undeniable fact that mobile phones made a drastic transformation in the lives of people around the world. The introduction of these handheld gadgets is marked as an absolute breakthrough for the digitalization as millennials were extensively driven towards the smart attributes of devices. Nowadays, smartphone users are everywhere as their upgraded models are much more than just communication devices. Ever since the day touchscreen smartphones came in the market, users were awestruck by the usability of these devices to interact, entertainment, browse, & perform day to day activities in just a few swipes.

With the ever-increasing demand for mobile phones, the global tech market continues to witness the rise of businesses & techies emerging as a mobile app development company. The innovation of mobile app technology with access to high-speed internet encouraged entrepreneurs to leverage mobility solutions to exemplify their business reach amongst modern-day users. Mobile apps encourage more digital interactions that heighten the probabilities to getting more business opportunities with high user engagement.

No doubt mobile apps are automating numerous tasks that are being done manually earlier. Since an increasing number of people are fond of using mobile apps from various genres, more and more businesses are turning appreneurs to retain their customers and stretch out their network via digital mobility. Irrespective of your business type, mobile apps are serving the purpose of generating profits with increased B2B and B2C Sales on the go.

Important Mobile App Statistics To Consider

Do you know? More than 205 billion app downloads were made by users around the world in the last year which is 15% higher from previous to the previous year. Experts are also foreseeing that there will an increase of 25% in the global app downloads by the end of the year 2022.  Here are some stats to defend their predictions:

  • The mobile app market will generate profits of around $198 billion this year.
  • Apple’s app store comprises more than 2.2 million apps for downloads while Google Play store contains 2.8 million apps from varied categories.
  • Over 21% of millennials are likely to access an app more than 50 times a day while 49% of people open an app 11+ times per day.
  • Around 57% of all digital content is streamlined via mobile apps.
  • An average smartphone user checks out 30 mobile apps every month.

Mobile apps are reshaping the future of an industry that revolves around technologies like Wearables, IoT, Augment Reality/Virtual Reality, iBeacon, & more. The world knows that mobile apps open the doors of countless business opportunities with manifested brand recognition. Currently, enterprise-based mobile apps are also marking a big hit in the market as these types of apps bring instant profits to businesses in no time and that’s why firms are looking for a trusted mobile app development company to profit-making mobility solutions for their enterprise.

Top Reasons to Invest in Mobile App Development Services

More opportunities for business growth: The current state of mobile app market reflects a drastic inclination of startups, SMEs, & large scale businesses towards mobility solutions. You don’t need to think again if you’ve decided to hire a reputed mobile app development company to jump from the local market to the international market & make a notable debut in the global industry.

Boost in sales with increased profits:  What’s your strategy to promote your brand & services? Nowadays, a mobile app stands as a great marketing tool for any business as it is a direct medium to interact with customers and keep them engaged in your brand. No matter if there are too many competitors of your business; your brand is going to lead when a mobile app creates a buzz about your digital presence amongst your target audience.

An improved retail experience for customers

Only a few numbers of people browse a website for online purchase, customers mostly swipe on the screens of their mobile device for shopping online through a mobile app. E-commerce businesses make more than half of their profits via mobile app users as shopping apps serve stunning retail experience with higher chances of achieving more sales.

Remember, an online shopping app with an impeccable interface can achieve excellent conversion rates for any retail business and therefore, e-commerce businesses are suggested to share their app idea with a trusted mobile app development company to shine in the industry.

More value to potential customers

Your online availability not only adds on to your brand visibility but also builds trust with the customers. Being able to respond to people who can approach you anytime to learn more about your products/services is a profitable strategy to gain their trust and strengthen your credibility.  Getting a mobile app to let your customers reach you without going to your website is a great aspect of valuing their time & trust on you.

Establish strong customer loyalty

Social media acts as a brick and mortar for the businesses that own mobile apps. Apart from emails, SMS, WhatsApp, & other mediums to marketize your business, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. play a key role in reaching more & more customers with promotional messages via posts, ads, coupons, flyers, discount offers, & other ways to build expansive customer loyalty in a short span of time.

Mobile apps upscale the growth of businesses aspiring to amplify their customer reach with better brand recognition & high sales rate. If you want to emerge as an entrepreneurial ace in the competitive industry, getting a mobile app from a mobile app development company would make you capable of fulfilling your business aspirations with bright outcomes.

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