Winning Customers with a Website

You could call it the startup dilemma: the ideas are big, the budget is small. But how can you ensure with very little money for marketing that the potential new customer base also learns about the outstanding service or the great product? The fastest way to do this is to have a professionally designed homepage that captivates customers and never lets them go.

How do customers land on my homepage?

Building a website and putting it online is not difficult. With many providers, it is now not a problem to build a professional website free of charge. Special website kits are available for this. Those who can save money building the homepage have more time and nerves for high-quality content. A basic structure of the page is usually given. The user only has to fill the template with their own content. And here it gets tricky. Because, every word that is on a homepage will be recognized sooner or later by a search engine.

However, this does not mean that you can be found with as much content as possible. Modern search engines have special algorithms that can distinguish good from bad content and think primarily in the interests of the user. They want to enable the user to find the content they are looking for – whatever that may be – as reliably as possible. Rather, it is important to place the right content strategically well and to guess exactly what potential customers might be looking for.

An example of successful customer catching using search engine optimization

Let’s say a company sells vacuum cleaners. Basically, it is advisable if everything possible to understand on the homepage what the product to be sold is. That sounds like a truism, but it is not: Many young entrepreneurs are so convinced of their brand that they want to peddle online with their creative brand name alone. That only works to a limited extent.

If the homepage does not reveal what kind of product it is, the page will not be listed accordingly by the search engines. So if the customers are looking for “buy vacuum cleaner”, they will never end up on the page. Because the corresponding word does not appear there or only to a very small extent.

Many entrepreneurs therefore go over to providing their customers with useful texts in which the relevant search words also appear. In the example mentioned, this can be a text that explains how to clean high-quality carpets with vacuum cleaners. Or someone who goes into how much electricity vacuum cleaners use. And to what extent you can save energy with a newer model. Customers are interested in this, they are looking for it – and so you can reliably direct them to their own site.

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