If you have an Android device or an Amazon Firestick, you can get more out of it by connecting it to the world of IPTV. This will allow you to view thousands of live channels as well as movies on demand.

We did some research to find the finest IPTV app to make watching IPTV a pleasurable experience without the need for difficult setups and problems that damage IPTV apps.

The Number 1 IPTV App

After sifting through several IPTV apps on the Google Play store and some manual downloads, we discovered that the overall best IPTV software to use on your Android-based device is from a firm called Strong IPTV, which has its own app, which you can download here.

What makes their software so wonderful is that it is really simple to use and has no complications, and the channels you receive with it are all of great quality and do not freeze.

How To Install The App

We had to manually install the program because it was not available on the Google Play store, but it was simple enough.

All we needed to do was open the web browser on the Android machine and enter in https://strongiptv.co.uk/app.The program then downloaded automatically, and all we had to do was click install, and it installed quickly.

The software was simple to install using any Android TV box’s built-in web browser, and we just entered the IPTV login and password we were given.

What Features Does The App Have?

Next, we’ll look at the app’s features. We were delighted with the channel structure and the channels being organized into their respective categories, which made locating channels a snap.

The majority of the channels functioned well, so we moved on to the app’s movie area.

We were especially impressed with the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), which shows what’s on the channel itself and acts as a TV guide, displaying up to 5 days of programming.

If you want great polished IPTV software and the best for your IPTV, we highly recommend using the Strong IPTV app since you can’t go wrong with it.

Watch Movies And TV Shows On The App

We were able to see all of the most recent films and television series by going to the VOD (Video-On-Demand) category. We had fast access to thousands of films and TV series to view, and everything worked flawlessly.

During our testing of the IPTV app, we discovered that movies and TV episodes were often updated, so in addition to having many various, global live tv channels, this was an added plus for when we wanted to view a movie, etc.


If you have an Android device, such as an Amazon Firestick, Amazon Cube, Nvidia Shield, or any other sort of Android TV box, Strong IPTV software is one of the top IPTV applications for your needs.

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