If you have an android device or amazon firestick you can get more from it by opening it up to the world of IPTV this will allow you to watch thousands of live channels and even movies on demand.

We have done some searching to see what the best IPTV app is to make watching IPTV a pleasant experience without the need for complicated installations and bugs ruining the IPTV apps.

The Number 1 IPTV App

After trawling through many IPTV apps on the google market place and some manually installs we found the overall best IPTV app to use on your android based device is from a company called Strong IPTV who has their own app which you can install the iptv app here.

What makes their app so good is it’s very easy to operate and there is nothing complicated about it plus the channels you get with it are all high quality and no freezing.

How To Install The App

When it came to installing the app we had to do it manually due to the app not being uploaded on the google play store but this was easy enough to do.

All we had to do was to use the web browser on the android box and type in this web address https://strongiptv.co.uk/app then the app auto-downloaded and we just had to click on install and it installed quite fast.

We found the app easy to install using any android tv boxes built-in web browser then we just added the IPTV username and password we received.

What Features Does The App Have?

Next, we will move on to the features of the app we were impressed by the channel layout and the channels being in their respected categories which made finding channels a breeze.

Most of the channels worked perfectly fine so next, we decided to check out the movie section inside the app.

We were also impressed by the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) which shows you what’s on the channel itself so a TV guide which shows up to 5 days of programming.

If you are looking for a nice polished IPTV app and want the best for your IPTV then we highly recommend using the Strong IPTV app as you can’t go wrong with this app.

Watch Movies And TV Shows On The App

We were able to watch all the latest Movies and Tv shows by entering the category called VOD (Video-On-Demand). We instantly had access to thousands of movies and TV shows we could watch and all worked fine without any issues.

During testing of the IPTV app we found movies and tv shows were updated frequently so on top of having many different, world live tv channels this was an extra bonus for when we wanted to watch a movie etc.


We highly recommend this app if you have an android based device such as an Amazon firestick, amazon Cube, Nvidia Sheild or any other type of Android TV box then Strong IPTV app is one of the best iptv apps for your needs.

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