Terms & Conditions

As per the general terms, there is an ‘Agreement’ between Livetechsopt.com and its varied users. This condition is applicable for each and every user of this website. This agreement is a legal document which acts as a common understanding between this website and its each and every user.

For user: ‘While creating your account on this website or using any services, you are liable and accountable to abide by the terms and conditions on the usage of this website. You are therefore, agreed to comply with the rules and regulations that are applicable on the usage of the website.’

Live Tech Spot possesses all rights to cease your account with or without any prior intimation on the conduct of breach of rules or misuse of website. Any detrimental usage of livetechspot.com is prohibited, and, practice of such conduct will be considered as the breach of agreement.

Livetechspot.com in its sole discretion declares that this website has the right to change its policies, terms and conditions at any point in future without any intimation to individuals or any user.

Use of Content

The content available on this website is subject to the limit set by the Admin of this website and it is used for reading, exchanging information, creating author profile, etc for mutual benefit of parties.

Duplicity of Content

Do not copy any piece of work from this website. If someone indulges in the misuse or misconduct  or copy of the content shall be liable for the recovery of all losses as per this agreement.

No one is permitted to reuse or copy any information, style, subjects, topics, ideas, thoughts or themes of www.livetechspot.com. If any user or person violates the terms and conditions, Admin holds every right to take legal actions.

Termination of Account

Every visitor or user of this website is hereby informed that they must comply to the rules and regulations as mentioned. All account holders should adhere to the terms and conditions of the website. If any illegitimate practice is found by any user of this web page, we deserve every right to terminate the account without prior intimation to the user and take necessary steps against the culprit.

Promotional Activities

When any user wishes to publish the promotional stuff on this platform, they must seek permission from the owner of Live Tech Spot. If anyone has breach the principles and ethics of this website then such articles cannot be published here.

Publication Rights

This website deserves all legal rights to choose and publish external content on www.livetechspot.com. If Admin does not find the content appropriate or suitable for this website, articles , blogs or any sort of content shall be rejected.

Payment Mode

Payment method for any kind of services is made or received through authorized medium like online banking, NEFT, RTGS, Demand Draft, Cheque, Paytm, etc. Any sort of illegal or indirect payment method will not be taken into consideration.

Changes In Website

Any changes in the structure, information, design, interface, rules and regulations are entirely in the discretion of the Live Tech Spot team. No other visitor, party or account holder has rights to make any changes to this website. Any alterations can be made to Live Tech Spot at any point of time without prior information to website readers and members.

Change In Contact Details Or Address

Any changes in contact details or address is solely under the discretion of the owners of this website. Such changes are subject to the need of business and no prior intimation will be furnished to members of this website.