Content Policy

The essential aspect in defining the content policy is to give authors a healthy space where they can share knowledgeable and useful articles and write ups. We care for our website visitors and users safety and therefore, Live Tech Spot holds the right to correct or delete the misleading content. Articles that violate the code of conduct will be removed. We regularly keep checks on posts and comments on our website.

Adult Content

We strictly forbid adult content that includes videos, pictures, promotion of nudity, offensive and abusive language or any such sexual activities. If we found any aforesaid content on our web page, we deserve every right to edit or discard it.

Despise Content

Live Tech Spot does not entertain any despise articles and in case we found such content, we remove that post or comment. However, if the content is found awful by others but actually there are no objections, then the post will remain intact and it will not be subjected to act upon.

Threatening And Violence

Authors are strictly prohibited to threaten other people through your write ups. You are not allowed to post any blog or content that encourages readers to take legal actions.

Illicit Activities

We disallow illegal activities that are provoked from content on  our website. All preventive measures are taken care off and do not promote such activities. Say for instance if any writer promotes smoking, drinking ,drugs or illegitimate tasks, strict actions will be taken against them and content will be immediately removed from Live Tech Spot.

Confidential And Personal Information

Users are requested not to share or use confidential or personal information like contact number, banking and debit – credit card details, licence number , etc.

Copyright Infringement

Authors are requested to respect the copyright and not to use other’s material without the prior permission from the owner. Copyright infringement has serious repercussions so make sure not to use unauthorised or unlicensed installations or downloads of the copyright content.

Safety Of Children

It is essential to take care of a child’s safety on the internet and with this purpose we forbid child abusive and sensual content. Anyone found violating such rules has to face strict and legal actions; even such persons account can get terminated.

We all come together to acquire and share knowledge so it is important to respect the policies and act legitimately.

Viruses And Malware

Writers are not allowed to post anything that inject malware and viruses in the website and even they are disallowed to post any notifications or pop ups that harms the website.