Privacy Policies is an informative and solution provider website that caters to their readers across the globe on multiple updates in technology, digital marketing, parenting tips, health, education, reviews and much more.

As far as privacy policy is concerned, we collect basic information of our viewers, readers and authors, through their accounts on our website or from submissions on our extensive and useful platform.

What We Do?

  • LiveTechSpot is a free Guest Post website where writers manifest their expertise in writing and by sharing their articles and blogs on this web forum.
  • Regular members of our site are fortunate to be the part of major offers and services that we provide.
  • To become a member of our esteemed site, one has to create a User Account on this web page.
  • We provide unique User ID and password to each user to login into their personalised account.
  • Writers share their articles to publish which is scrutinised by our editorial team to provide quality content to readers and we ensure that it is as per applicable guidelines and norms.
  • Authors’ writing, information and profiles can be indirectly shared on other online websites for better coverage.

What is Privacy Policy?

Privacy policy is an official instrument that provides details regarding the information and data that a website collects, sells, stores and uses about its visitors. It includes information of readers or any visitors that includes name, birth date, address, medical details, marital status and other particulars.

According to the role of business, its legal jurisdiction varies. When the website owner uses the account details of any guests on his portal, the owner is solely accountable for the usage of that vital information.

What Information We Collect From Visitors?

  • We gather visitor’s name, gender, date of birth, email address, contact number, etc.
  • When any user register themselves as a business entity, we collect the details like product and services of business, type of business, offers and discounts (if applicable), etc.
  • Data related to blogs, articles and write ups is gathered to publish it on our site and create the visibility of authors.
  • We can also collect the required data of different types of visitors in future.

User Account Details

When a user creates their account on the Live Tech Spot website, their account information is added which can also be used for future deals and transactions. We assure the safety concern of each user.

We have a strong safety control system and do not share the user information to anyone anywhere. Account information is password protected and only the user has access to their details.

What Type Of Data We Resist To Accept?

  • Same information about a user’s company or products from different user accounts on this website. Any type of promotional links of any business or company.
  • Any photos or videos of products or services offered by the user’s company or organisation. 
  • We refuse to accept any aggressive , anti- social or detrimental information against humanity or interest of the country. 
  • Visitors or users are not allowed to share any adult content or porn information on Live Tech Spot. 
  • We avoid sharing fake information to readers and users are strictly prohibited to  serve such sort of data on this webpage. 
  • We strongly follow the policies of Google and do not accept any content or information that violates Google’s policy.

What We Do Not Share?

  • We secure the user’s data and do not share anywhere.
  • Account holders’ information is safe and we never share their personal details.
  • Any secret or sensitive information is not served from Live Tech Spot.
  • We do not even share any direct or indirect information of users company or business.
  • Business deals like discounting and pricing offers are secure with us and we do not serve it to any external parties.

What Do We Share?

  • Live Tech Spot has its existence on the internet platform across the globe and our website is approached by random readers and visitors, so we make sure that all the contents of this site is available to them. 
  • As per requirement, we may share the information of data needed by other websites for business purposes. 
  • We may share the used photographs and video clips related to content.
  • Some websites show their interest in the users of our websites and they look for their information; in such case we may serve only the contact details of our users.
  • We completely understand the significance of the personal and user account data of every user and we tactfully and strongly work towards the betterment and security of our users, members and account holders.
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