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When you think about buying a new sweater for yourself in those chilly winters, you might want to give a thought to which kind of wool you want for yourself- cashmere wool, pashmina, angora wool etc.

Similarly, when you go out to buy a new set of cheap tyres for your car, it is very important to know which tread pattern fits best according to your needs and driving conditions.

Before proceeding any further, let us first get a clear insight into what is the difference between tyre treads and tread patterns.

The tread of your tyre is the rubber compound on its main surface, the one which comes in direct contact with the tarmac you are driving your car on. On the other hand, a tread pattern is a motif which is engraved into the rubber compound of your tyre which is responsible for creating the traction between the tyre and the surface.

The tread of your car’s tyre can eventually start to grind away, due to several factors like the frequency of your usage, the nature of the surface you are driving on etc., which results in degrading the braking capacity and the traction force of your car.

As most of you might be aware, your Hankook Tyres come in a wide range of options. But what must have stayed unknown to you till now is that like your tyres, the tread of your tyre also comes in different variations and picking out the right tread pattern is as important as selecting the right tyre. The correct tread pattern can create all the difference when we talk about the stability and the speed rating of the tyre.

Hence, it is important to familiarise yourself with the primary categories that the tread pattern is divided into.

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Symmetric Tread Pattern

This type of tread design is most commonly found on tyres of a lot of cars. Going by the name, symmetric tread patterns are the kind of tread design which have the same ceaseless pattern across the tyre’s complete tread on either side. The tyres having this type of tread pattern are also recognized to be non-directional, which means that they can be mounted on the wheels of the car without having to worry about the direction of rotation.

Asymmetric Tread Pattern

In contrast to the symmetric tread design, this tread pattern type displays irregular and discontinued motifs throughout the tyre. Because of this divergence of their layout, tyres having asymmetric tread patterns show a better grasp on flat roads and at the turning points of the tarmacs. Usually, these tread designs have a broader design on its outer side and independent tread blocks on its inner side, similar to that of symmetric designs.

Unidirectional Tread Pattern

The unidirectional or directional tread designs are those which are produced to operate well when mounted in a particular direction. This direction can be identified by the help of a marked arrow on the tyre’s sidewalls. These tread patterns come with a ‘V’ shaped incarnation on their design which allows the tyres an increased resistance towards aquaplaning, during the time your car is running on a high speed

Taking into account the several important roles your tread pattern plays, we hope that you are now familiar with the different design factors of the tread pattern of your tyre and the role they play under different driving circumstances. Each element plays an important role in increasing the effectiveness of the product; if you understand that well, choosing the right tyre is going to be a cakewalk for you!

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