If you are thinking to start freelance, you surely would have done some research about it. And if you talk to the other freelancers, they all have a story to tell. There might be some bad projects and awful clients, but with some care and cautions, you can steer clear of the major freelance nightmares:

Jot Down a Business Plan

Yes, you are not investing in a business but you need to write down your plan to understand your own goals and how you plan to carry them out. Your business plan is one of the most important documents. It should contain your financial, monthly, and yearly goals when you are just a beginner. Gradually, you can begin adding to it when you expand your business plan.

Create your website

One of the most integral aspects of freelancing is marketing yourself. For that, you ought to have a website. When you have your domain, it makes you look credible and approachable. It also serves the role of a kind of portfolio. Some clients might use it to gauge your experience and success based on your website.

Use social networks

For some, using social media is a waste of time and tiring also. But using social networks is crucial for your career. It is as important as having a website. And your social media channels could give an insight into your work ethics and why should people hire you.

Don’t forget about math

It can be difficult for a writer to do accounting. Because it is no fun. Do get a reliable accounting software so you can create invoices for your clients and ensure you get your payment timely. You should know all about your finances.

Get Insurance

See that you invest in freelance insurance. It is a must. Also, you can consider business insurance as well. If some of your office supplies get stolen, your home insurance might cover it. But not necessarily. Business insurance is for asset protection and if worse things come to worst, it can keep you afloat.

Practice saying No

There are all kinds of clients out there. You should learn when and how to say no. Some clients are quite annoying and inconsiderate. There will be last-minute requests and unnecessary cut rates. You need to place boundaries and that too right from the beginning.

Pay your Taxes

When you are into freelancing, it is your responsibility to pay taxes. You are responsible for every cent that you make. If you are working in the UK or the US, government guides can help you with reporting your taxes and even simplify the process for you.

First of all, work out how much income you need to pay quarterly for taxes. Then, keep it aside. Put it in a separate account so that you don’t spend it.

Avoid content farms

There are plenty of reasons why you should avoid content farms. Here are some of the major ones:

  • The work is repetitive and boring.
  • The pay is not good.
  • There is no recognition for your work.
  • You have to work like a machine.
  • Your work quality is going to suffer in the long run.

If you think of yourself as a good writer and a true freelancer, then avoid them. Only use them for a quick cash flow fix if need be. That’s it.

Do not become a workaholic

Hard work always pays off. Work hard and your success is going to pay off. And if you do a bit too much of that, you are going to burn out. Overwork can cause havoc to your career before it has even taken off. Set regular work hours for yourself. But do not exhaust yourself. This would also keep you safe from the writer’s block. Take your time, work hard, but do not lock yourself away.

Follow these tips and success will follow. You can launch a successful freelance career if you strictly follow the tips mentioned above. They are going to help you in the long run. If you need more professional learning regarding freelance, get yourself enrolled at DanKash and learn it all from the experts.

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