All You Need To Know About Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels have lately been used in a majority of modern cars, whereas the steel wheels are available on lower or base spec trims. Alloy wheels come in many sizes along with numerous kinds of designs.

Larger alloy wheels UKi.e. 17 inch and above are becoming increasingly desirable and so they can be seen on a large number of cars, as a part of the package or as an optional extra.

Pros of Larger Alloy Wheels

Apart from being stylish, larger alloys fill the wheel arches in a better way and are definitely more in proportion with the rest of the car’s body. Thus, making the car more appealing and desirable.

Car tyres

Larger alloys result in better handling of the car. In case the car has smaller alloys, the rubber present in the tyres tend to bend under the weight of the entire car as it turns. Due to this, the steering wheel dampens and loses grip. Larger alloys have thinner tyres as compared to small alloys. In such a case, they do not lose their shape during cornering. The tyre surface, in this case, maintains contact with the road, improving its grip.

Cons of Larger Alloy Wheels

The selection of an alloy wheel significantly increases the overall price tag. In the car market, the difference isn’t much but it is more than the equivalent model having smaller alloys. Larger the alloy, more expensive the tyre.

BBS alloy wheels are available in many sizes and designs. There are many tyre retailers that help in finding the correct tyre for your car. It could also be searched online by simply entering the car’s registration number. If the alloys are not the standard ones, you might have to fill in the dimensions of your tyre manually to find out. Many a times, the car encounters potholes or kerbs, resulting in incidents causing significant cosmetic damage to the larger alloy wheels. In addition to this, it is also seen that larger alloy wheels are more expensive to repair. There is, however, an option of purchasing alloy wheel protectors that line the alloy edge to prevent the damage caused by the pothole.

The preferred size of an alloy wheel

This may entirely depend on one’s personal preferences and the specifications of the car. Many cars with high number of specifications in the market would come with larger wheels as the standard ones. Whereas, cars with lower specifications may make one compromise, in case the alloy wheels are low on the list of priorities. Alloys could be swapped after making a purchase of one’s own preference.

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