The development of technology in the banking sector has led to the fact that almost every citizen has one or more bank cards.

Since the cards are directly tied to the cash account of its holder, the theft of money from a bank card of Sberbank will simultaneously lead to a decrease in money in the account.

How to prevent the theft of money from bank cards or to achieve accountability for theft? Consider the answers to these questions on the example of the theft of money from the card of Bank OF America, as the largest institution in the banking sector.

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How is stealing money from a card?

Theft of money from the card is carried out by obtaining information about it or the owner, and for illegal actions, it is not necessary to actually seize the plastic card.

Bank cards are a convenient tool for cashless payments, in which each payment transaction occurs by transferring information to a banking institution for debiting the account.

The criminal methods of obtaining information about the details of the card are constantly being improved, and the most common illegal actions include:

  • obtaining information about a card or secret pin code by installing a video device that records the entire process of withdrawing money from an ATM – after that, the criminals can only use the information to transfer funds;
  • the actual theft of the card from its owner, after which it is necessary to obtain data on the pin code (a sufficiently large number of citizens keep information about the pin code in the immediate vicinity of the card);
  • the use of telephone or Internet fraud, in which the cardholder himself provides information about the pin code and its other details;
  • theft of money from the cash desk of a banking institution, by presenting a stolen card or falsified information about the owner.

Actual withdrawal of the card from the owner poses a significant risk to the offender, so this method is rarely used.

The least risk is fraud by telephone or using Internet resources, in which there is no physical contact between the offender and the victim.

The methods of stealing money from an ATM are also constantly being improved. If a few years ago, an option with a wired keyboard was actively used to obtain pin code data, then with the development of a video monitoring system, criminals are constantly using new methods of stealing money from ATMs.

This method is used directly by the cardholder or holder, and only the improvement of the mechanism for issuing funds can prevent such theft of money.

Internet fraud. How to protect the card from the theft of money?

Most credit institutions, including Sberbank, provide cardholders with the ability to manage funds through various online services (official applications or personal account). Accordingly, this gives rise to new methods of fraud on the Internet:

  • scammers call the victim and inform about the alleged blocking of the card, for which they need to provide information about the PIN code – it must be remembered that even the employees of the banking institution are not entitled to demand the specified secret code, therefore, such requests should be considered as a knowing hoax;
  • the use of fake applications that resemble the official resource of the bank in appearance and functionality – in this case, the card and account holder must carefully check the source of the application installation;
  • malware infection on a computer or mobile device that collects information about the owner and his cards and transfers it to criminals without the knowledge of the victim – this way theft of budget money can also be carried out, and the installation and timely update of anti-virus programs will be the best protection option.

In most cases, proper protection of the card and account depends on the actions of the owner. Only full control over the management of online resources and account status will minimize possible risks.

Is it possible to return the money stolen from the Bank Of America card?

For every fact of fraud and theft of money from a card or account, it is necessary to immediately inform the bank security service and law enforcement agencies.

If a PIN code from a plastic card is lost or incorrectly transferred to third parties, you must timely block the card by calling the bank’s security service.

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The ability to identify the criminals and return the money depends on the timeliness of contacting the police. If the theft occurred through the fault of bank employees who did not properly verify the identity of the recipient of funds, the client has the right to claim compensation for theft.

How to prove that money was stolen

Evidence of illegal debit or withdrawal can also be a problem. If cash was withdrawn in an ATM in a criminal manner, you must access the video and prove that the card or information about it was withdrawn in an unlawful manner.

In the case of online fraud, it is necessary to submit to the law enforcement authorities the most detailed information about the call of scammers or about a fake mobile application.

If there is a victim’s statement, specialists of the special department of the internal affairs bodies will conduct a comprehensive investigation into the theft of funds using computer technology.

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