Quartz Worktops

Give Your Home An Incredible Look

Renovating a home is a difficult task, especially when it comes to selecting suitable materials for your space. Quartz is wildly popular as an artificial stone because it has specific properties and advantages that most natural stones lack.

 Using Quartz Worktops, you can give your home, especially the kitchen, an incredible look. So, if you are living in London, many Quartz Worktops in Essex can be best for refurbishing your kitchen. 

We all enjoy renovating our place. Like our wardrobe, our home needs to be redone as well. The art of renovation requires a lot of effort and time. So, here is what we are giving you today. If you have decided to go for Quartz worktops, we will tell you the benefits they can bring to your house. 

Once a year, your house needs a touch-up. You can select a good worktop nearby, and Quartz is the stone material you should like. You can choose your favorite worktop and get your space done. Despite the natural granite and marble worktops, you can also select Quartz worktops that are budget-friendly, economical, and sustainable. 

Here is a list of the benefits that you will feel if you go for Quartz worktops for your kitchen:

1. Economical

We need to keep the budget in mind while refurbishing the house. A wise budget is what everyone needs. So, if you want to go economical, we suggest using Quartz-Worktops. The unique blend of beauty and robustness makes Quartz Worktops more affordable. In comparison with natural stones like granite, Quartz Worktops have less price. 

With basic quartz worktops, you may save money without sacrificing design or color, you will find it at slabs and stones Quartz-worktops, and you need not compromise good looks for cheaper rates.

2. Customizability-Design It Yourself

Worktops like glass and laminate are not easily customized compared to Quartz worktops. You can change their color, pattern, and design easily. Hence, the most attractive feature of having a quartz worktop is its customizability.

During the manufacturing process, the color can be easily customized according to the other furniture within the kitchen.

3. Magnificent Display

Quartz is malleable and ductile. This feature makes Quartz easy to engineer for the manufacturers. Hence, this is why the Quartz worktop looks beautiful and gives a magnificent display. From manufacturing to finishing, it provides a shiny look. 

4. Non-Permeable.

Ever wondered what makes Quartz worktops better than others? Quartz worktops are sustainable and non-porous. The non-permeable property does not allow insects or other materials to seep. 

5. A Low-Maintenance Material

Unlike marble and granite counters, which need periodic sealing, quartz worktops don’t require routine maintenance. With just soap and water, the worktop surface is easy to maintain, maintaining its visual appeal and usefulness. It is not required to use pricy antibacterial cleaning soaps and solutions.

So, get your kitchen renovated at the earliest with Quartz worktops. 

6. Unprecedented Durability – Your Worktop Has A Good Life.

The mix of 93% pure quartz stone and 7% resin binder makes Quartz worktops the best to last long. Due to its mixture content, Quartz is more robust than other worktop materials such as laminate, glass, wood, Corian, and bamboo.

7. Squeaky Clean- Hygiene is What We Crave For

Quartz worktops are resistant to bacterial growth. If it is your kitchen, this ensures healthy food preparation and storage. So, with style, design, and longevity, quartz workshops also add a plus of hygiene. 

8. Stain-Free Worktop

We all need our spaces to be cleaned enough. Not only this, we want it to look flawless once cleaned. There should be no scratches. So, if you tend your space as soon as possible, it will give a smooth look. 

The non-permeable nature of Quartz makes the worktop highly stain and scratch-resistant. Suppose you clean up spills as soon as they happen, use a non-abrasive sponge to remove tough stains, and refrain from using overly alkaline or acidic cleaners. In that case, these worktops will continue to look excellent for a very long time.

9. Colors Don’t Fade Away.

Quartz worktops are used in the raw form. It is sustainable, so even with regular use and abuse, these worktops look as good as new throughout their lifespan.

10. Hiding Joints and Junctures Easier

 We are all vexed by the seams. It gives a rough and untidy look. However, using a Quartz worktop will solve the seam problem as well. Other materials, like granite worktops, will have visible seams when placed on shelves. However, it is easier to hide them in Quartz. Firstly, choosing a dark color that covers up all the seams should be your call, making it the least visible. However, if seams are more apparent, manufacturers can easily make them up by giving them a beautiful polish. 

11. Variety and Versatility- A Blend of Two. 

Appearances matter! Your kitchen represents you as well. It is significant to get your worktop according to your taste. Quartz comes in many designs and colors, such as Snowdrift, Concreto, Platinum Stardust, Nova Scotia, Calacatta Noir, and more. 

Summing Up

There are myriad Quartz worktops in Essex. However, we recommend connecting with Slabs and stones if you prefer quality and affordable prices. Here you can get a variety of worktops to select from. With all the benefits mentioned above, the Quartz worktop by Slabs and stones will add color to your kitchen.

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