The Benefits of Using Wood Gazebos and Porches

A gazebo made of wood, with a timber deck and post is by far the most basic building material to be found in Abu Dhabi. But wood is no longer the only option available. In this city where the Sultan has lavished money on every other street corner, wood is slowly but surely losing ground.

The residential property development in the capital is built mostly out of concrete, bricks, and steel. The timber used to be a more traditional choice for building material. However, due to its heavy weight and susceptibility to warping and cracking, it was never considered as a viable option for making a home. When water floods into the wood gazebo in Abu Dhabi, the system will just rot or warp.

Most builders build their buildings here in accordance with the local building code, though the authorities have recently introduced a new set of regulations, especially for residential buildings, to prevent them from further destroying the ecological environment. This new set of rules requires that every part of the home to be given equal attention and respect.

Now that wood has been rendered out of the picture in Abu Dhabi, one alternative that is used for gazebo construction is the use of steel posts and trusses.  This is a much better alternative as wood will be highly susceptible to warping and cracking due to the high weight. Steel building materials, on the other hand, can bear more weight without losing their strength.

Furthermore, the wood used for the posts can be highly porous, thus adding to the problem of the plastic matting that was traditionally used for the roof. You would not expect to find such a widespread building material being used in Abu Dhabi. Not only is it a much better option but it is also more environmentally friendly.

Wood is a highly toxic material that will not be suitable for building with near future. Steel building materials are not only more durable but they are also biodegradable. They are not toxic nor do they emit any hazardous particles.

Not only are most builders avoiding using wood in their buildings in Abu Dhabi, the common architect is making use of metal posts and trusses to build his buildings. The reason being, he prefers to use lighter building materials like wood but do not dare to use steel, fearing the heavy weights.
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For those who are looking forward to change the look of their homes in Abu Dhabi, wood is the obvious choice. Nowadays, wood gazebos and porches have gained popularity, especially among the younger population.  Furniture Abu Dhabi provide the best furniture and designs of 2020 of Gazebo Abu Dhabi. The trendy trend nowadays is the use of soft wood with plastic piping, wood shingles and even steel framing.

However, as said earlier, wood is still the most common building material for construction in Abu Dhabi. It is often preferred by builders due to its strength and availability.

The use of wood as a material for construction is mainly because of its light weight and non-corrosive properties. The reason why wood is so light is due to the fact that it is made from natural materials. It is very easy to install and handle, and it does not warp, bend or crack.

In contrast to wood, metal materials require a lot of care, especially when it comes to installation. Wooden structures tend to be more elegant and modern than the metal buildings that are commonly seen in Abu Dhabi.

Although there are many benefits of using wood for construction, it is wise to opt for the use of metal in most cases. Metal is much stronger and easier to install than wood.

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