A really beautiful industrial decoration is based above all on a clever mix of materials: metal, zinc, nickel, glass, wood. It is necessary to respect some codes in terms of furniture but also accessories for an industrial decoration at the top. Discover our selection of 10 iconic industrial style objects and furniture.

A really beautiful industrial decoration is based above all on a clever mix of materials: metal, zinc, nickel, glass, wood. It is necessary to respect some codes in terms of furniture but also accessories for an industrial decoration at the top. Discover our selection of 10 iconic industrial style objects and furniture.

Essential #1: the industrial counter

Vintage or new, you absolutely need an industrial counter with multiple storage spaces in your industrial decor. With its many small drawers, this piece of furniture offers storage and is reminiscent of the furniture found in factories or warehouses. It is the key element of the factory trend in terms of storage.

Essential #2: the brown leather sofa

We have found the perfect factory sofa for you. As a good central element, you cannot miss a superb camel leather sofa in an industrial decoration. Very sober, in orange-brown leather, with a modern line and thin wooden or metal legs finely worked. The three-seater that we have chosen has a little vintage side that will go perfectly in a living room with an industrial decor.

Essential #3: the warehouse suspension

Who says better for lights? Here is the most suitable element for an industrial style interior. A rather imposing suspension, but not too much, a raw black and gold, we love it. We imagine it straight out of a workshop at the beginning of the last century. This warehouse pendant lamp has everything to please and will set the tone for your room with an industrial decoration.

Essential #4: the mango table

The flagship materials of industrial decoration are of course wood and metal. However, be careful not to fall into an overdose of metal in your decoration at the risk of darkening your interior. For the dining table, we thought of a raw wood table and black metal crossed legs. It will bring freshness, style and modernity to your interior.

Essential #5: the Zinc chair

This industrial style chair adapts to any interior. It is suitable for a dining room but also for an office for example. In zinc or metal, this chair with an original shape is 100% industrial and will add pep to your meals. There are different colors, so why not mix colors?

Essential #6: the Santiago armchair

This original and comfortable armchair will be a real bonus to an industrial decoration. It brings cachet and a cocooning aspect to an interior with a strong industrial character. Choose camel for a reminder with the sofa. It will also be suitable for a bedroom or an office.

Essential #7: the metal barber mirror

Its rounded shapes will really warm up the factory theme. This metal barber mirror can be hung in a bathroom, an entrance or above a sideboard. It is not complicated to find a small place for it. Whatever happens, it will certainly produce a maximum effect.

Essential # 8: metal storage

We really loved its “cleared” side, with its various uses. This metal shelf offers different storage options, whether in a kitchen, an entrance or a bedroom, it will adapt to any room with an industrial decor. Simplistic and discreet, this shelf can also be matched with metal crates in the same style.

Essential #9: the table lamp

In decoration, lighting is very important! You have to choose them carefully for a decor that is perfectly consistent with your everyday lighting needs. We fell in love with this practical little table lamp as a desk lamp, bedside lamp or even a reading light in the living room. Composed of wood and glass, it fits perfectly into the codes of industrial decoration.

Essential #10: the clock

It is one of the essential elements to have when you want an industrial decoration. The metal and glass pocket-style clock, of good size, can be hung here or there, accompanied by one or two other clocks. Fall for this clock with a metal frame and its white background for more light. Its rusty effect will make you crack.

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