Looking for the business to get the right traffic. Gary was evil personified. I had realized that long would go. At five years old, he was the youngest blackmailer I ever have known or read about. Moreover he was pointed to something through the window. I approached cautiously to see what he was pointing at. In the distance was a Ferris wheel.

I had no intention of going to the Hougang Amusement Park that afternoon and said so. Then he sprang his surprise: “If you don’t take me, I will tell Grandma about your talking to Aunty Agnes.” I felt cold. Agnes was the daughter of the chicken rice seller downstairs and a schoolmate.

Firstly, i  was very interested in her. I was crazy about her – especially about her two deep dimples. I had spent half an hour talking to her and had made the major mistake of telling Gray not to tell Grandma. This was because I had violated Family Rule Number 1: No girlfriends until after ‘A’ Level.


Secondly, at the amusement park, he wanted to go on every ride. I was sure I would be using up my entire month’s allowance, but did I have a choice? Naturally, he wanted to go on the Ferris wheel first. Everything went well until we reached the top. He tried to stop and started screaming. I tried to explain that we could not; then he tried to climb over.

The Stage of Nervousness

Finally got off, I was given a talking to. Then it was the midget cars. He insisted on driving alone. I could only watch helplessly as he rammed his car onto every other vehicle on the platform. He set a few heads spinning and a few people shaking their fists angrily at him. I got him 99 out of there as soon as his car stopped. We slipped into the crowd. In an attempt to get away, I bought tickets for the ‘Ghost Train and slipped into it quickly.

Importantly, I was pleased with myself: Gary was going to get the scare of his life. I was severely disappointed: None of the scary items in the Ghost Train could scare the young fire-eater. He was amused and laughed aloud at every one of them.

That whole afternoon, he was tireless. I was running out of energy as I tried to keep up with him, and I was one of the fittest in my school. We must have gone through every ride at the amusement park that day. I did not have enough money to pay for rides for myself; all I had was enough for Gary. I spent every dollar I had. Finally, he was exhausted at about 5:00 p.m. It was time to go back home for dinner; I was relieved. He was too tired to walk, so I lifted him and walked home at a steady pace.

A Thought Struck Me

This was what my parents must have gone through when I was five years old; perhaps even worse. I placed my hand on Gary’s back. With a sudden movement, he kissed my cheek. I felt warm and loved. Suddenly I realized that he was not a devil after all. He was just an overactive five-year-old; only like I must have been when I was his age.


The motivation that this story aids me was my life-changing as the game-changing. Most importantly at this stage, I thought of starting a Business. I was fearing how to start and thought that were disturbing my mind would I be getting the right traffic for the site?

The journey does not end up here then I started with the having the online website. Then right traffic coming towards my website by using some tools which I will be sharing the quick review. Let’s recap the tool Buzzsprout, Promo Republic and how can I not mention the tool Clickfunnels which helped me thoroughly in building the landing pages.


The review of Buzzsprout has the excellent support it is the hosting podcast and has a lot of podcasters to host their podcast. Hosting Podcast Since 2009 with excellent customer service providing. The tool of Hosting, growing the traffic, with advance customization Layout.


The Founder of Buzzsprout is Kevin Finn with the idea of Podcast to connect to the world. The aim of Buzzsprout in 2020 has almost achieved the target with 74.4k organic traffic at Buszzsprout now.

 Buzzsprout HighLights

The Highlight of Buzzsprout is just as it is compared with some of the similar service provided platforms

  • Buzzsprout Vs Libsyn

Buzzsprout pricing

The Buzzsprout has a bit different pricing planning with respect to the other competitor. The Paid Pricing plans are:

  • Free 2hrs Upload / Each Month
  • $12 3hrs Upload / Each Month
  • $18 6hrs Upload / Each Month
  • $24 12hrs Upload / Each Month

The Buzzsprout is the only tool which has the free usage option also you get the 90 days free on the first try. What are you waiting for get the coupons options for availing out 3, 6 or 12 hours option?

Features of Buzzsprout

The feature of Buzzsprout is for instance

  • Podcast Listing in top directories
  • Analysis And Tracking Of The PodCast
  • Tracking’s Of The Progress
  • Episode Optimization
  • Promoting Tools


The final thought can be concluded as the podcaster, the showrunner with attractive content. The reason the Buzzsprout gets different with the competitors is it does not include the ads in your podcast. Another most important tool that I would like to share the review.



The Promo Republic is the best solution for marketing on social media for all the brands. However, it is recommended for Marketing Agencies and the CEOS of the business on small or either the large scale.


The core feature of promo republic is social media marketing, for instance.

  • Management of the content
  • Management of the multiple accounts
  • Analytics
  • Tracking’s
  • Automation of the Post Scheduling

 Summing Up the Promo Republic

The other features of promo Republic are the brand management and social media management. In other words, boosting the sales.


In Conclusion of the online business, the tool can be concluded as taking the business to the next level require big things to be done. If we look back to the years ago without advancements in technology, we find chances of success 80 per cent less than now chance of success with the online business tool. These Subscription tools are the key to take the business to the next level.

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