The web hosting plan for your next business model is going to prove very beneficial for you. As per the latest market analysis, the web hosting market is increasing rapidly and will be at the peak after a few years. But before opting for the web hosting services you must know what two different web hosting are and their different features. 

Shared web hosting like VPS is the best way to host online services( websites, eCommerce, emails) by sharing the same server resources, that is beneficial for the small scale services online that have limited network traffic and budget to serve the purpose. 

In the case of hosting small and limited website resources, opting for a dedicated server will be an expensive deal to opt for, and hence shared hosting will be the best suitable web hosting option for these limited purposes. 

Also, unlike cloud hosting, shared hosting is cheaper and better in the case of publishing static content rather than dynamic ones. On the basis of the operating system that servers use to distribute the hosting services further, the web hosting services are classified as windows shared web hosting and Linux shared web hosting

Both types of hosting services have some merits as well as demerits over one another. Read the article carefully in order to make the correct choice for your web hosting business model. Before talking about their differences let’s first look at what is Linux shared hosting and web shared hosting meant for?

What is Linux Shared web hosting?

Linux is the more advanced version of the crude Unix OS. Because of the difficulty in operating because of its complicated environment, Unix, it is modified to what we have known as Linux. The Linux operating system has multiple usages in gaming, smartphones, web hosting servers, supercomputers, etc. 

Most of the web hosting servers prefer Linux shared web hosting due to its multiple benefits. The very common web hosting platform is that of LAMP, preferred by the developers and web service providers, is usually a web server stack, and a combination of four open-source software, in which L stands for Linux. 

Linux OS is a very reliable and cost-efficient platform to provide services like web hosting, email hosting, database management, and DNS services. 

The cheap Linux shared hosting in India offers you a sea of opportunities for using multiple types of applications and programming languages, free of cost. Hencelinux shared web hosting is a very considerable plan to opt for. 

What is Windows Shared web hosting? 

what is windows shared web hosting

The shared web hosting services that are made run on Microsoft owned windows OS by the servers are windows shared web hosting. The windows also have a very supportive environment to run web hosting applications and scripts. 

The Windows shared hosting India server is shared by multiple users online that reduces the cost of buying the entire server system like a dedicated one. 

The windows shared web hosting supports the .NET infrastructure, MySQL, and Microsoft databases, ASP that cannot be run on any OS. Due to windows user-friendly architecture support, the developers can easily develop the applications in less time. 

Windows are not open source licenses like Linux but are a commercial product of Microsoft. It has software and programs that are tagged under prices. However, the cheap windows shared hosting plans offered by the tech giants like Serverwala nowadays are very trending.

The windows shared web hosting services have been stable in recent years only with advanced OS versions, while Linux has enhanced stability features from the last 40 years.  

Linux Shared Web Hosting vs Windows shared web hosting

linux vs windows

The shared hosting operating platforms created a competition among the techies to choose the best one out. Linux is known to be the most stable and reliable OS for the servers web hosting services and even used for the last many years for the same purpose as the windows. 

Windows initially didn’t have such stability to support servers environment and tools but later with up-gradation in the OS versions, it is now stable much equivalent to Linux shared web hosting.

It creates a huge competition between two serving platforms among developers. Let’s discuss some factors like stability, cost, security, the purpose of hosting, etc. The discussion between them will help you to get out of the riddle to select the best option for you. 


  • Windows web hosting
  • Linux web hosting
  • Operating System

It is very obvious to find the difficulties for the windows users to switch over the Linux OS. Users may be stuck to understand the Linux interface initially. The windows users are licensed along with the regular updates that windows offer. Hence best for the people working for IT and large commercial business purposes. 

The working environment of Linux is very different from that of windows. The Linux OS comes into different distribution packages than the windows. It has much higher stability that means its superiority over the windows. For running, business-specific applications Linux is the best OS to consider. 

Use Cases

The windows shared web hosting interface is very suitable for the purpose of large corporate environments. For enjoying the Microsoft based services and applications, it is better to rely upon the Microsoft based interface. For the cooperate purpose of serving users, it is beneficial to get the VBscript advantage. For running the sites designed in the ASP.NET and MSSQL supporting technologies require windows OS for web hosting

The Linux environment is best for serving the common shared hosting purposes like hosting personal websites, eCommerce, online portfolios, blogs, etc. Shared web hosting often equipped with tools like Cpanel or may Confixx that are supporting features for management systems and databases. 

Developers Tools and Control Panel Interface

The control panel we often used in PCs is replaced by the panel in case of managing server hosting. The Cpanel is like the control panel PC system. It allows many software and administrative features to manage online. The Plesk is the most common control panel used for the windows based hosting. Plesk is the advanced control panel that supports various developers and security extensions. Also, you can run a server software stack for the windows with help of Plesk. 

The c panel of the Linux shared web hosting interface, is very compatible to install various developing and programming software like phpBB, Joomla, Drupal, Tiki Wiki, etc. You can also manage the MySQL database that Cpanel allows you to do so.  The c panel has a user-friendly environment that users can easily understand to control it. The entire Linux based server settings can be easily managed by this c panel. 

Domains and Databases

Again for the corporate sectors the best windows shared hosting is preferred, one should rely on the windows shared web hosting services for such large-scale commercial purposes because working with the sites that are developed in MSSQL c panel is not such suitable for use as that in case of MySQL. The Plesk is more favorable to customize such site’s databases and multiple domains with greater ease. 

Cpanel of the Linux OS offers you the facility of the multiple managing domains. With the c panel, the disk space management for multiple domains is very easy to handle from just a single point only. For the developing purposes, there is none other than MySQL is recommended that is easily managed by c panel.

Security and Reliability

The windows shared web hosting services are having admirable security features but less than the Linux based one. The windows shared web hosting is protected on the responsibility of the provider but in case of failures, you might get an attack on your website that may contain sensitive data. Hence for enjoying the best security features on windows, dedicated web hosting is a much safer option. 

In case of better security, Linux has more secure and stable features that allow a web hosting services with more confidence to serve. Linux managing platform c panel keeps the security software and features well up to date automatically. That you should not worry about the regular update process. 


The windows initially didn’t have much stability and reliability in web hosting services initially but, after continuous up-gradation to the recent versions, windows are now capable of providing such services as that of Linux. It means you need to get updated with the latest versions of the windows. Windows, unlike Linux, is a commercial product. Many tools and applications are just designed for the perspective of serving windows shared web hosting is not compatible with Linux. While the reverse is possible. Hence buying the windows-based services is more expensive than in the case of Linux web hosting. 

The cost factor in the case of Linux shared web hosting is much more appreciable in this case. A Linux is an open-source platform, however, it doesn’t mean the cost-free but the cheap Linux shared hosting is much admirable than in cheap windows shared hosting. There are multiple open source applications and scripting languages that are compatible with the Linux OS. The Linux servers used the hardware that is continuing for the last 10 years without having many significant upgrades. 


With the increase in the web hosting market, entrepreneurs are switching to online platforms rather than the traditional way of doing business. The web hosting services are of different types used for multiple purposes to serve. On the basis of the servers used by shared web hosting service providers, we have two options to consider as windows and Linux shared web hostings. Follow the above discussion and select the best option that should be compatible with your serving purpose, requirements. 


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