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Web hosting is the type of service which allocates the resources and space on the server purposely for the files which create or make up the website. It allows us to publish the website on the internet so that the audience can access it and Windows is an operating system that is mostly selected by the people with various types of web hostings. Windows shared hosting is the best combination, you should choose to build your website with advanced features and a cost-effective way.

Windows shared hosting is the cheapest type to select unlimited advantages with a low budget and it’s become more beneficial if you buy from a reliable web hosting provider, who can provide you with an efficient and responsible web server, which can help you to rank your website on search engines. Wisesolution is a great choice if you are looking for a reliable web hosting provider. You get the exclusive benefits, high bandwidth, massive storage, and world-class network infrastructure with the best windows shared hosting Server Hosting at an affordable price.

Let’s know more about windows shared hosting and 5 key Features of Windows Shared Web Hosting, you must have.

What is Windows Shared Hosting

what is windows shared hosting

Windows Shared Hosting is the type of Web Hosting which uses the Windows Operating System. It is something where the multiple websites are simply hosted through a hosting service provider and that too using a single web server. It offers a high level of technical support and enhanced reliability.

In this, the overall cost of server maintenance is spread over with many customers. When we choose the shared hosting then the website will do the sharing of the physical server with one of the various different other websites. With the shared hosting, there will be versatile files stored on the server.

Three pros of the Windows Shared Hosting

In the world of Web Hosting the top advantage of the shared web hosting package is the speed, affordability, and convenience. With the shared web hosting environment, you get the cheap web hosting India plans because the customers are concerned about the hardware cost, server maintenance, security updates, etc. The shared hosting provides awesome server uptime and technical support. For the small business websites, the shared hosting is good as there will be an abundant amount of resources such as disk space, email accounts, and data transfer.

Shared hosting definition can be defined as a web hosting model where versatile websites use common server resources. This process will entail the RAM, device’s CPU with involved users, and the storage capacity.

Key Features of Windows Shared Hosting

The five most relevant features which are included in the shared hosting are mentioned below:-

The Essentials: Disk Space & Traffic

If someone wants to host the website on the web then the disk space is required. The disk space is needed for things like the media, database, files, etc. Greater bandwidth is needed to store and access more data. You can imagine a tunnel. The much information will pass through if the tunnel is wider. The same concept goes with the bandwidth also. The bigger the website it will require more disk space.


windows shared hosting

The time when the website works online and the users access the site without facing any problems is called the Uptime. The uptime is being measured in percentages from the expected total uptime. Suppose you purchased the shared hosting then your project is not too big, hence you don’t really need the 100% uptime. Level 98% is common in such cases.

Uptime is among the important features of a reliable web hosting provider. Guaranteed uptime denotes the fact that the website is being guaranteed to be up at least 99.9 percent of the total time and is available to the visitors. This guarantee will include the web server, network uptime, server uptime, and service uptime with 24*7 support.

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Email Features

best windows shared hosting

A variety of features are offered by the email hosting for both the businesses and the individuals. The offered features include the import-export address book, calendar alerts, autoresponders, unlimited storage, customized email addresses, mail forwarding, phone and email tech support, etc.

Pre-installed Apps

Windows will include pre-installed apps, unlimited options, extra fee services, etc. One can concentrate on the pre-installed apps that are like special widgets which help to create the website quickly and effectively manage it. One can have a sigh of relief if the control panel is included in your shared plan. Through a convenient interface, the most complicated server processes will be controlled.CPanel is the most popular control panel. Eg the eCommerce tools like the shopping carts and the payment instruments. For quick automatic installation, one can use CMS such as Joomla or WordPress.

Free Bonuses

Shared plans have free bonuses. Today the shared web hosting market is very big. Hence many companies attract more clients while offering them free bonuses. Some companies offer nice features such as site building, website transfer, free domain name, etc. The more free bonuses one receives the better will be the deal. Renewal fees are the main item that needs attention.

In this case, what happens exactly, the company grants the first year domain usage free, but later on, you need to pay the yearly fees. So it is better to examine the user agreement thoroughly if the free features are offered by the company. Before opting for a shared package one must examine the needs and requirements thoroughly.

One must decide which features are priorities and which features can be the non-essentials. At the forefront, one must keep the reliability and pricing.


We see that the top important features of the Windows Shared hosting include -The disk space & Traffic, uptime, support, pre-installed apps, and free bonuses. The Windows shared hosting type is very much advantageous to use with enhanced and improved security features. It is also referred to as the Windows Server Hosting is basically a web server that runs Windows OS which is shared by multiple websites having multiple owners. Such shared hosting is very affordable and flexible too.


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