Do you want to attract customers who quickly make purchases from your website?

Are you still striving at generating leads?

You’re not alone, over 61% of marketers claim that generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. Moreover, marketers who follow up web leads within five minutes are 9 times more likely to convert them. If you want your business to convert leads successfully, you must connect web design company develop an effective content marketing strategy and optimize your website accordingly. Hence, if your website is failing to attract customers for making purchases, then generating website leads should be your top priority as well. Since around 70-90% of website visitors leave a website without purchasing a single thing if it’s not appealing to them.

Taking into account the fact that many companies have successfully attracted leads for their products or services, a prominent website design company in the USA delivers qualified leads to them. The services of a professional can be immensely advantageous to the business owner who doesn’t have time to do it themselves. If you want to understand how you can optimize your website, you must first familiarize yourself with the lead generation process.

What is the Lead Generation Process?

When a person visits your site and clicks on a call-to-action (CTA) located on one of your blog posts or pages, lead generation gets underway. CTAs direct visitors to landing pages that contain the visitor’s contact information in a form. Visitors are directed to a thank-you page after filling out the form and submitting it. This article elucidates the 8 powerful hacks to generate more leads from your website.

Make your website responsive

The best website you can have for your online business isn’t going to bring you any customers unless you properly optimize it for search engines. Having an inadequately designed website will result in losing customers and negatively impact conversion rates.

  • User-friendly navigation.
  • Make your website visually appealing by using images and white space.
  • Plan your actions rationally.
  • Respond to your customers.

Construct easy-to-action landing pages

Effective landing pages are essential for generating website leads. As a result of a HubSpot survey, companies with more than 30 landing pages on their website generate 7X more leads than those with one to five landing pages. Optimizing user experience and conversion-focused elements are the keys to an effective landing page. 

  • Do away with any element that does not bring in leads.
  • Outline what you offer and how it will benefit your prospective customers.
  • Provide explicit instructions once visitors click.
  • Minimize the clicks. Your homepage should be easy to navigate and should only require three clicks.

Add Strong calls to action

It’s extremely important to have calls to action on your website or buttons/forms that encourage visitors to submit their info or email addresses. Encourage visitors to sign up more often on your website to generate more leads.

Ensure the calls to action are prominent enough on the page so that the visitor’s attention is naturally drawn to them. Clearly communicate what you’re expecting the user to do or what they will gain from completing the action. 

Add contact info/forms 

Is it necessary for every page on your site to have a contact form? 

In an ideal world, yes.  As a rule of thumb, you should place contact forms on pages with the most traffic or most value on your website. It can turn into a high performing blog post or pillar of your website. Providing them with a contact form after they land on these pages lets you stay in touch, as the visitors are already there.

Create opt-in opportunities 

Your blog post can perform well or you can promote your service page with free reports, or live demos. Create opt-in pages for every blog post. You can give away printable recipes, blog posts in PDF format, worksheets, resources guides, and more. Your audience will stick with you if you offer these opportunities and conversions will increase by 32%.

Add videos that convert

Video content bridges between the virtual and physical worlds of the business significantly improve conversion rates, which is particularly beneficial for e-commerce sites. Video helps 90 percent of customers make purchasing decisions, and video makes a 64 percent difference in purchase intent. 

Give live chat services

There is a growing demand for live chat services, as their value and popularity are increasing as more people learn about vendors they may want to buy from. If you miss out on such a lead source, a potentially big lead generator might slip through your fingers. Since live chat services boost 42% of conversions. 

Run a test

After you implement a few changes to your website, A/B testing will provide you with an overview of your site’s data. Simple things like adding a contact form to blog posts can provide insight into how websites generate leads. Split testing lets you determine how effective your lead generation efforts are by changing the landing page from one to another. 

Pro tip

Convert your leads into business value by delivering instant results. A free website audit can make all the difference. It measures all elements of a website: the technical elements, the content, social media, keyword density, domain authority.

One-quarter of the top advertisers see conversion rates of 5.31%, and ten percent reach conversion rates of more than 11% on average. Taking advantage of the unlimited opportunities available to you will help you achieve success.


You should follow the above eight steps to improve lead generation on your website. Remember how important the role of your website is in the lead generation process as a whole. Many companies overlook this vital aspect of their businesses. Taking advantage of the unlimited opportunities available to you will help you achieve success.


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