Great Christmas decorations increase the anticipation of the festival of love and make the Advent season a special time of joyful anticipation and anticipation for Christmas, especially for children. But when should the Christmas decorations best be put up and when should they be cleared away? Are there differences or even requirements in this regard in the German-speaking area?

At what point can the house be festively decorated with Christmas decorations?

The question of the month in which the Christmas decorations can already be set up cannot be answered across the board. Even if the first gingerbread and the first Christmas biscuits hit the supermarket shelves in September, things are a little different with Christmas decorations. In many places, Christmas decorations are used relatively late – especially in comparison with the USA, this is very late. The Christmas decorations in full sparkling and shiny splendor will be put up there in mid-November, right after the Thanksgiving festival. In German-speaking countries, however, it is more common to start decorating at the end of November at the earliest. You can try these or sit idle and watch kissanime or Netflix.

Stars, LED lights, gifts, and colorful Christmas decorations in many colors and shapes are often only added in December in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. A good indicator of Christmas decorating is generally the date of the first Advent: Depending on the year, the first Advent falls either on the last weekend in November or on the first Sunday in December. The Christmas decorations can already be completely set up on the first Advent because there are only three to four weeks until Christmas.

If the first Advent is too late to set up the Christmas decoration, you can also use other fixed dates in the church year as a guide. In the Christian culture, autumn is characterized by celebrations in memory of the loved ones who have passed away. The Catholic feast of the return to the dead is All Saints’ Day (November 1st) and All Souls Day (November 2nd). Protestant Christians celebrate the Sunday of the Dead. This has no fixed date, but generally falls on the last Sunday before the first Advent and at the same time represents the resolution of the Christian church year, regardless of whether it is Protestant or Catholic. With the end of the commemoration of the dead, a new church year and the pre-Christmas period begin – finally, the Christmas decorations can be put up!

The starting shot for the Christmas decorations usually falls towards the end of November. At the latest at the beginning of Advent in December, the right time has come to provide your apartment, house, and garden with beautiful Christmas decorations and thus create more comfort and a Christmas atmosphere.

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