For a single organ in our body; several kinds of surgeries can be performed. These use various methods and devices to do so. The purpose of their use is to cure a number of illnesses and diseases. But there are complications and risks in every surgery. This doesn’t mean that you have to avoid it; you can take precisions before and after surgery.

What is Frenuloplasty Surgery?

This is a surgical procedure that involves the penis. At times the tissue that is between the penis head and the base gets tight and causes extreme pain during sexual intercourse. The surgeons have to first determine whether it is Frenuloplasty or not. If it is not the case then Adult Circumcision Surgery has to be performed; otherwise there is another surgical procedure can be done.

How the procedure is performed?

This is a simple procedure that can be done under any kind of anesthesia; whichever the surgeon pieces of advice or the patient requests. This is a minor surgery that can be finished very quickly. The patients can have the surgery in a day and go home after a couple of hours. There is a small Frenulum Breve that is removed completely and then the skin is stitched back.

What is the Frenulum Breve?

The Frenulum Breve is a tiny skin under the head of the penis that attaches the foreskin to the tip. If this skin becomes shorter than expected then it can create problems. It is an elastic type of tissue that connects the top and base of the glans. This helps to keep the penis straight during erection. It is a flexible piece of tissue but sometimes it gets stiff and causes problems.

Frenulum Breve Misdiagnosis

On several occasions the Frenulum Breve has been misdiagnosed as other problems of the penis. The most common of all is phimosis. Phimosis is a foreskin condition in which the head of the penis is covered with the skin but the skin can’t be pulled back causing extreme pain. Frenulum Breve is totally different from phimosis and is misinterpreted by the latter.

Why is the surgical procedure done?

The main reason for this surgical procedure is that the Frenulum Breve is causing trouble to men. The central part of the body that is the cause is Frenulum Breve. When the flexibility is no more in the Frenulum Breve; it faces tear again and again. This ultimately results in its breakage.

Where to find surgeons?

It is very easy to find a surgeon for this kind of surgery. You can either ask other men who have had this surgical procedure or search it on the internet. You can type the location and this kind of surgery. You will get several results like Circumcision Center; who can do this surgery very well.

Is the Frenulum Breve attached or not?

It is a common question for all men who have this problem is whether the Frenulum Breve remains attached or not? It has to be understood that in the Frenuloplasty; the Frenulum Breve is completely removed. This is because to prevent the Frenulum Breve from breaking again and again. After removing the Frenulum Breve; the skin is stitched back. So there is no sign of Frenulum Breve.

How the surgery related to adult circumcision?

There are various techniques used by surgeons to make sure that the penis is free from all problems. Frenuloplasty is an alternative to the full circumcision surgery. There are other techniques in which the foreskin is removed from the bottom and middle as well. Making the movement of the penis painless.

Adult Circumcision Surgery

The circumcision surgery involves the removal of the foreskin from the tip of the penis. The surgeon first makes marks from where the skin has to be removed, administers anesthesia, carefully cuts the marked skin and stitches back to the penis. It is one of the oldest surgical procedures that were recorded in history.

What are the reasons for circumcision?

There are mainly three reasons for having a circumcision. Originally, the surgical procedure is done on mainly children and boys. But today adults as well are having the surgery for these three reasons;

  1. If someone is changing religion; then they must have it to be accepted by the community.
  2. There are several medical conditions that can only be cured by this surgical procedure.
  3. Some men only want to have this surgery because to become attractive in front of other men and women.

Are there Side effects?

Like circumcision the Frenuloplasty also has several complications during and after the procedure.

  1. The penis becomes swollen.
  2. You can lose sensitivity on the tip.
  3. Stitches are bleeding.
  4. There is no good result.
  5. You can develop an infection.

What after surgery precautions to take?

Just like Adult Circumcision Surgery the Frenuloplasty also needs some after surgery precautions that are essential is faster healing which includes;

  1. Don’t let it get wet.
  2. Dress in clothes that are loosely stitched.
  3. No rigorous activities.
  4. Follow the instructions of the surgeon.
  5. Take only the prescribed medications.

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