How smile makeovers can raise your self-confidence anytime and anywhere

How your teeth look can contribute to your overall self-esteem. As we meet people and interact, our teeth are exposed. People notice them and draw conclusions.

One will do all they can to avoid displaying their dental issues in public. This is because no one is proud of a dental flaw. The worst part is people will certainly have a first wrong impression about you if you have these issues. And because no one likes being judged or ridiculed, those with dental imperfections will make excuses why they shouldn’t take that photo or not go out on a date. Even laughing in public will be a problem for someone with misaligned or discoloured teeth. All of these take a toll on your self-esteem.


Does this mean you will never smile again? No. You can have a better-looking smile with a dental procedure called smile makeovers. What is this all about? Smile makeovers are dental procedures that are singularly used or combined to help straighten a smile. The procedures used are different, but the goal is the same. Smile makeovers may involve dental bridges, crowns, implants, veneers, lumineers, filling, bonding and teeth whitening.

What would you gain from smile makeovers?

There are huge bonuses that come with this treatment, but that can be summarised as one benefit called self-confidence. Why? If you cannot smile or laugh in public or with an intimate partner, it means you lack confidence in your smile. You may lose out on certain important things in life: career, relationship, etc. And you will agree that living this way is tantamount to poor quality of life.

Thanks to modern-day cosmetic dental solutions, in more ways than you can imagine, you can have dental restoration and enjoy the perks of having a great smile. The beauty of smile makeover is it makes you forget the days of crooked or misshapen teeth as you will be proud anywhere you find yourself exposing those white pearls.

What are the issues smile makeovers fix?

Dental wellness is the target of many of the cosmetic dental solutions we have today. Smile makeovers can improve several dental headaches, including but not limited to discoloured teeth, gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, and missing teeth. Another thing is smile makeovers help with teeth alignment, which gives a well-defined mouth.

What are the common cosmetic dental treatments?

Teeth whitening

To achieve whiter teeth, people may feel inclined to go for less expensive methods like over-the-counter teeth whiteners available such as strips, gels, toothpaste, floss, pens, mouthwash and dental paints. While these products may remove stains on the surface of teeth, their limitation is they don’t go deep into the core to unlock stubborn stains, and their effect is short-term. Teeth whitening done by a professional dentist will have more permanent results since the procedure is highly functional in taking out tough stains. Some prescription whitening products may be recommended by the dentist in addition to regular thorough cleaning.

Dental implants

One of the best things that have ever happened in the cosmetic dentistry industry is the introduction of implants. Granted, implants are artificial teeth that are fitted permanently. They are not like dentures. This means the probability that they may fall out and cause a scene has been taken care of. Dental implants have a natural appearance and improved functionality compared to bridges.


Adults with uneven teeth can greatly benefit from Invisalign treatment. It consists of clear aligners that can be removed. As an orthodontic treatment, Invisalign is a more preferred option than standard braces.

Because no metal part comes with Invisalign, and it is an inconspicuous treatment, many patients like to have their teeth straightened with this solution rather than conventional braces.

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Lumineer teeth veneers

For teeth that are discoloured, crooked and chipped, this option is very suitable. The teeth are not drilled before these thin veneers made from porcelain are fitted. Another benefit is that they are completely pain-free and have a longevity of about 20 years. You can discuss lumineers teeth veneers with your dentist. They will provide more information as to how this treatment option can be of help to you.


Clean, white teeth speak volumes about your personality. And with smile makeovers, achieving the best condition for your teeth has become a lot easier. What does this mean for you? It implies goodbye to the days when you had to look down while laughing or smiling just to hide some teeth flaws, the times when you used locked lip smiles, or simply nodding rather than speaking just so you don’t get embarrassed.

Invest in a smile makeover today, and your teeth and gums will thank you later. Think of how much confidence you will exude when smiling brighter and whiter. The feeling is overwhelming, and you can get your desired smile from this procedure following your unique needs.

Not only does your teeth’ appearance improves from a makeover, your health also gets a boost. Discuss your options with your dentist. Together, a customised treatment can be arranged for your case.

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