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The primary role of content marketing is to increase business sales. The causal link between adopting an effective content strategy and growing sales is undeniable. However, it is not a process that takes place in a few minutes on a corner of the table. Creating and distributing high quality free content that will succeed in attracting, informing, convincing and retaining your potential customers requires sustained efforts over a long period of time.

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To be truly effective and bear fruit, the content strategy must not only be approved by the leaders of the company, it must be carried and demanded by them. In other words, its success is largely based on the leadership of leaders, who must see to it that it is adopted by the sales and marketing teams.

Before making the decision to implement a content strategy, business leaders must ensure that they can meet these 4 conditions:

  • Adopt a long-term vision;
  • Develop a strategy including specific objectives;
  • Integrate the content into its corporate culture;
  • Provide the necessary tools for sales and marketing.

Take a long-term view

The most important thing to consider before implementing a content strategy is that it is a long-term process. Unlike traditional advertising, the return on investment does not happen in a few weeks, or even in a few months.

Also called Inbound Marketing (in reference to its power of attraction), content marketing includes SEO practices, the publication of a blog and the management of social networks. These are elements that take time to set up and reach their full potential.

However, studies have long shown that companies that use attraction marketing cut their cost per lead by more than half. Content marketing is not an expense, it is a long-term investment. So, you need to make sure you have the resources and can keep up the pace before you get started.

Develop a strategy including specific objectives

In order for it to have a significant impact on the company’s sales, any content marketing campaign must be based on a well-developed strategy. The latter must determine the sales message to communicate and the target audience. These two elements will help define the style and tone of communication, as well as the appropriate platforms for publication.

The strategy must also contain clear qualitative and quantitative objectives, as it will serve as a guide for the various stakeholders who will have to think about, produce and disseminate the content. In addition, it is important to align the objectives of content marketing with those of sales, as an inbound strategy will generate leads for this department. A clear strategy and precise objectives favor consistency, an essential element for obtaining good results.

Integrate content into your corporate culture

In the same way that sales must be integrated into your corporate culture, content must be part of your philosophy. If you plan to adopt an online sales strategy based on content marketing, all levels of the organization must receive the clear message that it is a decision of senior management that should not be questioned.

As a manager, you must hold accountable the various stakeholders dedicated to the project, on the side of marketing, but also of sales. Indeed, if marketing is responsible for producing and distributing content, representatives are in the best position to provide relevant information about their prospects, the problems they are experiencing.

However, if you want your business or brand get renowned all over the internet, you must count on a Wikipedia page about your business. It allows you to gain online traffic as well as credibility. If you don’t know how to create a page on Wikipedia about your business, you can turn to any Wikipedia page editing company for assistance.

Provide the necessary tools for sales and marketing

Producing quality content requires a considerable investment of time and specialized resources. A feature article takes several hours to write and requires specific skills.

Articles should be written by qualified writers, then they must be well integrated into your website and, ultimately, disseminated on your different web platforms. Social media management is also a specialization which requires specific know-how.

In short, you must give yourself the means to achieve your ambitions. If you have in-house skills resources, you need to make sure they have time to complete this new project. If this is not the case, you can call on a specialized firm. You will then have to allocate financial resources to it.

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