Hair loss or hair thinning is one of the generic problems that everyone is nowadays worried about! Most of you ignore the dry, frizzy hair until it leads to hair thinning and, finally, hair loss. Sometimes it could be ignorance or not knowing the actual symptoms of hair fall and hair related problems. But mostly, it is because of the lack of knowledge about the right hair specialist in Bangalore.

Hair Specialist Who Can Treat Your Hair Loss

There are various types of doctors and health professionals who can treat and help you manage your hair loss in numerous ways. The following are just a few hair specialists who are experts in hair loss treatment and hair regeneration.

1.Trichologists: A trichologist is an expert who specializes in hair and scalp related issues. He is also the correct person to diagnose alopecia and helps in treating all kinds of alopecia. He might advise you various hair and scalp tests to know the exact reason for the hair problem and recommend treatment options accordingly. Hence, instead of a general doctor, it is an excellent option to always consult a trichologist for all your hair related problems. But it is also essential that you should go to a skilled trichologist who is certified.

Some of the common hair problems when you need to consult a trichologist are:

-Baldness (male pattern and female pattern baldness)

-Hair breakage

-Thinning of hair

-Dry hair-Hair Loss

-Itchy or flaky scalp

2.Hair Transplant Surgeon: As the name says, a hair transplant surgeon is an expert who specializes in hair transplant surgery (a technique that involves either seeding of the hair follicles or removing hair follicles from the donor area and planting it on bald portions of the scalp. Earlier, any licensed surgeon used to do this surgery; however, nowadays, there are hair specialists in Bangalore who are experienced and dedicated to this treatment. There are different transplant options available; hence it is advised to consult your dermatological surgeon first about the advantages and disadvantages of the surgical procedure before getting it done.

The two common techniques for the hair transplant are:

Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS)

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

3.Dermatologists: They are hair and skin specialists. This means they are liable to identify any topical skin conditions or weaknesses in your hair that might be causing it to plenty of fall out.

4.Endocrinologists: Endocrinologists are the professionals in hormonal imbalance issues and the organs that produce certain hormones in the human body. They can diagnose hormonal imbalances and whether your body produces too much or too little of a particular hormone that’s pertinent to healthy bodily function.

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5.Nutritionists: In some cases, hair loss is a symptom of insufficient nutrients in our bodies. A good nutritionist will start the treatment by asking specific questions that are designed to pinpoint parts of your diet that miss essential vitamins and nutrients that contribute to cell regeneration and hair growth. They’ll also work alongside your hair specialist in Bangalore to find treatment options and diet plans to help get you back on track.

6.Psychiatrists: They are the right person to consult for conditions such as trichotillomania or trichophagia, rare but hair-related severe psychological problems. Trichotillomania is an impulsive control disorder, where there is a recurrent and irresistible urge to pull out hair from the scalp, eyebrows, and other areas of the body. Trichophagia is an impulsive condition that causes excessive pulling of hair and eating of hair.

The bottom line is hair loss, and hair thinning can be a very shifty condition that’s difficult to diagnose for a lot of doctors or dermatologists, which is why specific tests and examinations are necessary to reach to the root cause of the problem. In some cases, it’s not entirely a standalone issue; instead, it’s symptomatic of other deeper and sometimes more severe underlying health problems or conditions. So, it is essential to consult with a hair specialist in Bangalore.

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