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Growth hacking methods. Growth hacking tactics. Experiment using growth hacking techniques.

Many of these words are bandied around, and internet businesses thrive on them. Growth hacking is more than a passing fad.

It aided Facebook in reaching 500 million users, LinkedIn in increasing its user base from 2 million to 200 million, and Airbnb in entering the billion-dollar unicorn club.

It’s a novel method of growth. Its purpose is to rapidly increase the number of consumers and income.

The New Growth Hack Is Live Chat

Though the live chat function has been available for a while, it is now seen as a critical growth hack and something that every online company website should have.

According to statistics, it can have a significant influence on your bottom line. Live chat services convert ten times the number of site visits. Customers are 51% more inclined to buy from a firm that provides live chat help.

Let’s look at how you can use the best live chat services to help your business develop.

Customers Absolutely Love It

Customer satisfaction with the chat sessions is greater than 80%, according to customer surveys. It indicates that live chat makes the lives of the majority of people easier. At least in terms of their internet experience.

Essentially, excellent customer service leads to satisfied consumers, which leads to increased organic liking and reputation for your firm, which leads to more revenue!

Customers who are satisfied are more likely to spend more money and return. They grow devoted to your brand.

When looking for live chat services, make sure you have the resources to operate it effectively. A managed live chat system is a secure choice because you won’t have to deal with the nitty-gritty elements of its administration. All of this will be handled for you by the top live chat services, allowing you to focus on your main company.

Conversational Marketing

What the live chat tool excels at is communicating with your consumers and assisting them in their decision-making process.

People enjoy conversing via texting. It’s quick and feels like a real chat. The finest live chat systems integrate with your company’s Facebook page and email, allowing you to serve consumers across various platforms from a single location.

This method of conversing with clients and asking pertinent questions has resulted in an increase in lead quality. You would be able to get a pulse on the customer’s problem areas and help them discover the information they require through conversational marketing.

Through conversational marketing, live chat fosters relationships and provides buyers with a real experience.

Continuously Evolving Strategy

Managed live chat is the perfect option if your company is prepared to always enhance the way it serves its clients.

Scalability is important here, as is the necessity for a managed live chat service partner that wants to develop and grow alongside your organization. Your live chat service continuously checks for quantifiable outcomes by applying metrics such as CRR (customer reaction rate) to certain greetings and important messages to optimize your customer service approach.

Feedback from the live chat agents can be used for identifying popular products, upgrading the FAQs, and improving the UX of your website.

Money Saved, Money Earned

A managed live chat solution allows a company to handle several consumer inquiries at the same time. This immediately correlates to higher worker productivity, which leads to higher production with fewer employees.

A good chat agent can manage 5 conversations at once on average. As a result, fewer employees are required to give the same or better customer service. This reduces running expenses, resulting in increased revenue and profit for your company. This will allow you to put more money towards growth.

A managed live chat service will have a minimal setup cost and a monthly fee. You will find these costs negligible compared to the cost of recruiting, training, and employing full-time staff.

Upselling and Cross-Selling

The goal of using live chat as a growth hack is to uncover additional chances and try different solutions that may enhance conversions. Every interaction is a chance to impress and qualify new leads.

According to surveys, potential leads that interact in live chat are more likely to spend 60% more on their purchases. You may add value to a customer’s purchase through live chat by proposing premium alternative items (upselling) or services that complement the purchase they have already made (cross-selling).

A skilled chat agent can use “perceived value” to his or her advantage. If the client feels the alternative provides superior value, they will be willing to spend more.

Final Note

Let us go out on a limb and say a managed live chat service in itself is a growth hack. It works efficiently for your business 24/7 while increasing your brand value and revenue.

Live chat is also an extremely affordable way to hack your growth by working from a customer engagement point of view. This is neither a one-off effort nor a limited flow of growth.

The best live chat services bring about a permanent and lasting boost to your online sales and customer satisfaction

Let’s keep chatting!

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