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It is the desire of almost all the people to enhance the ranking of their websites in the search results. The best way to enhance the ranking of your website in the search results is known as search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is also known as the best way to enhance the visibility of the website in the search results. To provide the best results to the users, Google is regularly updating its algorithms. Therefore, if you want to enhance the visibility of your website in the search engines, you should follow the search engine ranking factors. Here, we will discuss search engine ranking factors that you should never ignore.

A Secure And Accessible Website:

The right kind of keyword is known as the first ranking factor in digital marketing. It means that your website should have such a URL which can easily be crawled and reached by Google. The Google bots will also find it easy to get access to a website and easily get an idea about the content on the page. Some essential tips to create a secure and easily accessible website are that you should create your website on the well-coded website builder, you should list all the pages in the Google by submitting the sitemap and to provide complete information to the Google about your website, you should generate robots.txt file. Moreover, you should also secure your website by installing an SSL certificate on your website.

Page Speed:

As we know that Google is known as the most famous and most trusted search engine in the world. Its reason is that Google tries to show such results in its top results which are providing the best user experience. According to Google, people don’t like those websites which are taking enough time in loading the pages. Therefore, page speed has also become an essential ranking factor for a website. Moreover, mobile internet users are also increasing day by day. Therefore, you should also try to make sure that your websites should be mobile optimized. To check the mobile optimization of a website, Google has launched a mobile testing tool. With the help of this tool, you can get an idea either your website is mobile optimized or not.

Domain Age And Authority:

Google is also giving preference to those websites in their search results which are authentic and whom domain age is more than three years. For this reason, Ahrefs has released data of two million pages. According to Ahrefs, Google has ranked more than 60% of websites whose domain age is more than three years. Therefore, you should try to upload content on the authentic websites. You should also focus on the domain score of your website. You can get an idea about the domain score of your website by exploring your website in the Open Site Explorer.

Well-Optimized Content:

Well-optimized content is still the most important ranking factor of a website. Therefore, if you want to increase the SEO of your website, you should try to share original and fresh content. While sharing content on your website, you should never upload duplicate content. While creating content, you should keep in mind the visitors rather than search engines. Its reason is that if you are creating content by keeping in mind the search engines, it means that you are doing keyword stuffing. Due to keyword stuffing, you will lose the natural flow of the content. As a result, the bounce rate of your website will be increased. Due to a higher bounce rate, Google will never enhance the ranking of your website. The best tip to create well-optimized content is to focus on the question.

Focus On The Technical SEO:

Before sharing a post on your website, you should also focus on technical SEO. In technical SEO, there come some essential ranking factors of a web post. First, you should use the keyword phrases in the title of your web page. You should include your keyword phrase in the title interestingly. Its reason is that an interesting title can increase the CTR of your web page. Secondly, you should show the hierarchy of the content by adding h1, h2 and h3 header tags in the content of your web page. Thirdly, you should try to create a short and interesting meta description for your web post. In this meta description, you should also try to add your focused keyword. Fourthly, you should also try to add your focused keywords in the alt tags of the images to show that these keywords are relevant to the content of your web page. At last, you should also try to use schema markups in the content of the web pages. For example if your website provides dissertation writing services then this service keyword should be in title, headings, content, image alt tags and meta tags.

Enhance The User Experience:

As we have discussed earlier that Google is giving importance to those websites in its search results which is providing the best user experience to the users. To rank the web pages, Google is using artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence consider three main factors like the user experience. First is known as the CTR. You can increase the CTR of your web pages by creating interesting titles. Second is known as bounce rate. You can decrease the bounce rate of your website by creating the well-optimized content and by increasing the speed of your website. At last, there come to dwell time. You can also increase the dwell time by sharing interesting content.


Links also play an important role in improving the ranking of a website. For this reason, Google considers three essential kinds of links. These three essential kinds of the links are inbound links, outbound links and internal links. These links will increase the authenticity of your web page. While getting links from other websites for your web pages, you should focus on the quality rather than quantity. Its reason is that Google is focusing on quality rather than quantity. After uploading a post on your website, you should also try to provide social signals to your post. The social presence of your website also increases the authority and ranking of your website.

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