Printed Splashback - Marble

Splashbacks are a vital component of every kitchen, as it protects the walls from heat, spills, moisture and stains; besides, splashbacks aid in enhancing the aesthetics of the kitchen interior. However, selecting the right splashback is crucial whether you’re building a new kitchen or renovating your existing kitchen. What are the most trending kitchen splashbacks right now in Aussie homes? Let’s explore right away!

1. Feature Splashbacks

Feature splashbacks are hot favourites right now. Feature splashback will have a unique print that reflects the personality of the homeowner.

2. Natural Look Splashbacks

Recently, more people are opting for the natural look in the splashback design, be it for kitchen, bathroom or en suite. Such kitchen splashback usually imitates the look of wood or stone, which imparts a timeless appeal. When compared to real wood or stone, it is easy to clean and maintain modern splashback tiles.

3. Stainless Steel Splashbacks

Stainless steel splashbacks are a relatively new entrant. It bestows a distinctly modern look that looks refined and stylish.

4. Contrast Coloured Splashbacks

Another trend that is getting a lot of attention is blending contrast coloured splashbacks with the kitchen cabinetry and cupboards. Apart from colours, you can also use contrast with designs and patterns. For instance, you can have black splashback along with white cabinetry or vice versa.

5. Hexagonal Splashbacks

Hexagonal tiled splashbacks can produce a classy and fascinating kitchen splashback. This style can effortlessly generate a pop of colour into dull or tedious kitchens.

6. Multi-Toned Splashbacks That Are Bright & Luminous

Creating bold emphasis using bright and multi-toned tiles that looks luminous is the in thing right now. It looks fantastic in big kitchens; however, smaller kitchens can also use this to divide space into sections.

7. Glass & Mirrors Splashbacks

Glass and mirror splashbacks can create a bright and spacious kitchen, as their smooth surfaces will reflect light around the room, which spreads out external light beautifully. Besides, mirrors and glass splashbacks will have fewer grout lines and smooth surfaces, so it is easy to clean them. Moreover, kitchen cabinetry is available in an array of colours, so you can easily match your cabinetry to your chosen splashback.

8. Stone Splashbacks

Natural materials such as stone are grabbing more attention these days and why not! Stone is durable and robust and can take on hard banging from avid chefs. Besides, they will become a focal point of attraction in your stylish kitchen. Moreover, you’ll find a stone splashback from slate for modern homes to sandstone for a beach side or coastal dwelling abode, to match your kitchen interior and design style.

9. Marble Splashbacks

If you want to create a plush kitchen interior, then nothing can beat ageless marble splashback. The natural charm of marble expels a timeless and exquisitely refined European style that will outlast. Marble is a best-selling material for kitchen benchtops. Using marble as a splashback will upgrade your kitchen interior to the next level, lending depth and character to space. But avoid using marble excessively else it may harm its attractiveness; instead, use marble with restraint all through the kitchen.

10. Patterned Tiles

If you desire to maintain a safe and neutral colour palette in your home, then you need to use pattern and texture to make a style statement. Choose tiles with pressed metal patterns, geometric or striking textural detailing, or use contrasting grout to make an impact. Patterned tiles let you demonstrate your personality, so you can create something unique that is distinctive to you, by mixing and matching different colours of your choice.

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11. Tiles

Regardless of whether you prefer a subway-style or traditional brick-bond pattern, tiles are a classic alternative for splashbacks. Before selecting the tiles, acquaint yourself with the different tile patterns. Square tiles have fewer options; however, rectangular tiles are adaptable. Besides, tiles are an affordable option and easy to clean and maintain.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re upgrading or constructing a brand-new kitchen, you should consider durable, elegant and stylish splashback that is easy to clean and maintain, as well as serve you for many years to come.

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