Known by various names like Kolam, Kalam, Alpana, Mandana, rangoli designs are a symbol of festivity and merrymaking in Indian households. Whatever, be the reason, rangoli designs have proved to be a traditional constant in Indian households.

When talking about decorations, there are a variety of mesmerizing rangoli designs to amp up your wedding venue. Here are a bunch of aesthetic rangoli designs to amaze you on any occasion.

Dots can be visually very soothing. How about super soothing dots rangoli at your wedding?

Peacock rangoli design

The peacock is auspicious and is considered a symbol of royalty. It is a frequent motif found at Indian occasions. The vibrant peacock rangoli design with a peacock at the centre stage makes the design more subtle. There are numerous peacock rangoli designs to choose from.

Star rangoli design

It is a patent design found in South Indian weddings with multiple shapes resembling the appearance of deities trident. Go for personalization by incorporating the couple’s name in it.

Beginners’ rangoli design

Everything has a first time. If you are a beginner at rangoli making, you must try making flowers and leaf motif rangoli designs. Use your choice of colors and patterns and bring out the creativity inside you. Enhance the look of your rangoli with diyas placed around it.

Lord Ganesh rangoli design

Just like peacocks, Lord Ganesha is also an auspicious motif for rangoli design. During a wedding, Lord Ganesha is invited with the first card. You can add a feeling of auspiciousness to the occasion by adding Lord Ganesh themed rangoli at the wedding venue.

Lotus motif rangoli

Counted as one of the most traditional rangoli designs, Lotus motif design is a perfect choice for welcoming guests at the venue. Increase the beauty of your design by placing diyas around it.

Maze rangoli design

Simplicity is charming. The charm of this maze rangoli is alluring. You simply cannot get over it. Create a 3D effect with bright colors and put an end to your quest for simple rangoli designs.

Swan rangoli design

Same goes for the swans, you can replace the peacock with the swan and other personalized elements for amazing swan rangoli designs.

Border rangoli design

Rangoli designs are tricky to be made as we all know. Hence, it would be easier if you make a border first and then proceed to the insides. This would help you make easy rangoli designs and would also create a new type.

Circular rangoli design

Circles are easy to make in comparison to other geometric shapes. If you are an amateur at rangoli designs, consider designs in circles with any design.

Peacock & Lotus

The lotus is an extremely traditional design. Here, combining it with a peacock design, shading, and lines, it has made it look quite contemporary. It can be personalized by adding your own choice of flowers to the design and adding to the color. It is a good look for welcoming the guests into the venue.

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