HR Analytics

Investing money in HRMS software is a good strategy, but understanding how it can benefit your business is a must. An HRMS tool won’t be much helpful if you cannot utilize all the detailed insights it can offer.

Therefore, analytics should be a must-have part of the tool. Here are some benefits of having an HR analytics tool.

Detailed Recruitment Insights

With an HR analytics tool, you will be able to check all the information and skills set a candidate has mentioned in their resume. This allows businesses that have such skills listed on their requirements, to find the best match for a position.

The HR analytics tool uses an algorithm to go through the resume or CVs of candidates and analyzes the content. Then a score assigned for each suitable candidate so hiring managers will have a list of best candidates for a position. From there, either they can set up the interview or automate the process using the HR tool.

Optimize the Hiring Process

HR analytics tools allow hiring managers to track hiring metrics. With all the data that is collected, it offers them an excellent opportunity to improve their recruitment process. Metrics such as recruitment costs for every hire, the total time it takes for hire on average are some of the few that the tool can track with ease.

Being able to understand where the process is lacking allows hiring managers to find the right solution, so they can focus on bigger business goals instead of spending too much time on recruiting with a strategy that never works for them.

Continuous Feedback

Being able to collect continuous feedback from your existing employees allows you to identify if your company owns the right skill set. With such data, the HR manager will be able to identify skill gaps and how a team is performing.

Once you have the data, you should be able to come up with strategies to improve the skill set of employees. You can also identify if an employee is skilled enough to get a promotion or needs to be replaced if their performance is affecting the productivity of the team.

Evaluating the performance of employees is much better with continuous feedback since you can pinpoint the time where the performance fluctuated significantly. If you can find the cause of the change in the performance of your employees, it becomes much easier for you to come up with the right solution.

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Employee Retention

The employees of your company should be interested in working with businesses. Any change in their interest can impact performance and productivity.

HR analytics allows HR managers to understand which aspect of the company employees enjoy and which ones they are having issues with. When your managers understand such things, you will be able to keep your employees satisfied.

If some employees are not happy with certain things, it doesn’t mean you should replace them with new ones. The new hires might end up feeling the after some time as well; you cannot keep going through this repetitive cycle. It eats into your resources; hence it’s best that you work towards empowering your disgruntled workers as well.

Regularly taking employee feedback in the form of surveys is one way to identify issues that employees might be facing. The key is to ask the right questions at the right time and act on the feedback as soon as possible. If you identified an issue today and are dealing with it three months later, it won’t be beneficial.

It would be best if you employees felt that the company cares about them as well; otherwise, they will leave. The happier your employees will be, the higher your employee retention rate is going to be.


Since HR analytics can integrate with all aspects of HR management, such as attendance management, payroll, talent management, training etc. it can be a great tool to increase your profit.

You can identify if you are managing the productivity of employees the right way to make a profit. HR analytics offers you detailed insights about the amount you are paying your employees for the number of hours they worked for. This allows companies to see payroll irregularities over time that can be helpful for businesses.

Save Time

When you have a tool such as HR analytics, the guesswork is completely eliminated. You can pinpoint the exact reason for a problem and quickly devise a fix for the same, which helps your business save up a lot of time. Hence, getting HR analytics tool is a must for any business.

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