The smartphone market today is lucrative for phone manufacturers, owing to the enormous customer base. The intense competition is thus seeing manufacturers bring forward superior features and innovations practically on an everyday basis. Consumers are also more aware of smartphone features today than they were earlier, and this has resulted in OEMs vying to get the consumer’s attention by unveiling feature-rich models.

With the amount of innovation happening on an almost daily basis in the smartphone industry, it is no wonder that consumers are also rushing to buy newer smartphones at regular intervals. Before you rush to buy the best mobile under 30,000 INR available in the market, it is essential that you spend some time researching the phones that are available to you. E-commerce platforms are a blessing, as you can compare different smartphone models while zeroing in on your favorite device as per your requirements and preferences.

Most smartphones are essentially used to complete a range of productivity tasks, interact and engage with friends and family through social media, and take pictures and videos that you can share over social media platforms. Thus, most people check the camera specifications of their preferred smartphone to ensure that these functions can be carried out without any hassles. While these features are important, it is even more important to check whether you will get 6GB RAM mobiles and a good processor within your budget. 

A phone’s processor and RAM are the two most important features of the device since they essentially determine how powerful your device will be, and how easily it can execute your commands. These are two facets you should ideally check for before making your purchase.

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The Random Access Memory (RAM) is the engine that keeps your applications running smoothly without any hitches. While your apps get saved on your phone’s storage memory or an external SD card, the RAM comes into play once you click on the app and run it. 

It serves as a temporary memory and enables apps to run in the background even after you have closed them. Thus, the higher the RAM size, the faster your apps will load, and the snappier the smartphone’s performance will be. It has become important for consumers to purchase 6GB RAM mobiles, owing to the plethora of functions they can execute, while ensuring superior performance. If you are looking to purchase the best mobiles under 30,000 INR, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of the number of 6GB RAM mobiles.

Along with the need for a powerful RAM, a processor is another technical specification you need to check for in order to enjoy a lag-free experience while running all processes and applications on your smartphone. The processor has long been considered to be the brain of the smartphone. It relates to the CPU of your computer and is essential for the smooth functioning of your smartphone. The clock speed and the number of cores within the processor determine how powerful your smartphone performance can be. 

The processor and RAM work in sync to ensure that your smartphone operates smoothly. Some of the best 6GB RAM mobiles available under Rs. 30,000 include:

  1. OnePlus 5
  2. OnePlus Nord
  3. OPPO F17 Pro
  4. Samsung Galaxy A71
  5. Vivo V19

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