things to during quarantine

The hands of the clock keep turning, zapping serves little to rest a little from the coronavirus issue and you are beginning to hate the series. The confinement, expected long, is doing those things that were missing in the day, like reading or watching series, they are becoming common and, therefore, you are you getting tired of them sooner than you thought.

Therefore, it is a good option to consider doing alternative activities like those that you have been wanting to start for a while but, for one reason or another, you have never found the time to dedicate to it. Here are some ideas for confinement to help you at least acquire new skills.

Redecorate the house

It may take time that you are planning to give a change of scenery to your home, but between work and the rest of the routine obligations, starting with a task of this type, which requires so much organization and time, is usually not possible. Perhaps, now that you cannot leave the house, it is the ideal time to observe the rooms and take a look at the new decoration.

Catch up with everything that needs a readjustment

That painting that is more bent than it should be, those flower pots that need a little attention, the walls that have not been painted for some years… All these tasks now demand your attention and one of the best alternative activities. The laziness is often a great enemy of the damage and preventing them from reaching arranged, but this period of confinement ahead, there is no excuse not to get to work.

Learn about something new

They say it is never too late or you are too old to continue learning it is also one the best alternative activities that you can do during quarantine. For this reason, these days at home, in which the catalog of series and movies falls short, is the perfect setting to learn what you have been interested in for so long but for which you have never found the moment: marketing, technology, politics …

Find new hobbies

At work, computer; for leisure, tablet; at home, television … It is impossible to run away from the screens! Whatever we do, whether it is leisure or not, there is usually a flashing screen that tires our eyes and dulls our heads. Therefore, it may be a good option to find new hobbies in the old way, such as sewing or cross stitching. Although it sounds not very modern, whoever tries it, is fond of it.

Give languages ​​another chance

If you are one of those people who does not go beyond “Hello” and “My name is …”, you have the ideal opportunity to take the book and the series in their original version to give one more opportunity to English, or the language you want to learn. It is always a good option to invest your free time in things that will be useful for you.

Connect with yourself

With all the time in the world in your hands, regardless of your obligations, it is highly recommended that you try to reconnect with your inner self. Talk to yourself, visualize yourself from the outside, understand yourself and, above all, heal yourself. It is very important that your relationship with yourself is fluid and that you give yourself all the attention you deserve, now that the frenetic pace of life has stopped and you can do it.

Pamper yourself

You can postpone it as much as you want, but in the duration of the confinement you will surely have the opportunity to take a good bubble bath or lie down, put on relaxing music and leave your mind blank. Stopping is something you should allow yourself, it doesn’t hurt, and your body and mind will value it.

Put everything in order

For order to reign in your house, you had gone through it to fix it, you first have to order yourself. Once you get it, it will be time to do closet and junk cleaning. It can be a great way to take advantage of the excess hours at home that quarantine is giving you.

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