Turbo Skateboard

Would you like to take a stab at something progressively bold like skateboarding? The word skateboarding contains all the energizing enjoyment and joy. As we as a whole realize that winter season began and no one needs to head outside and don’t have any desire to do any physical action. Everyone needs to simply remain at home. Be that as it may, on the opposite side, you likewise need to do skating however not ready to do it. In this way, your concern tackled now. Presently you can make the most of your skating by making the most of your winters in the room. Sounds Adventurous? Now, you can enjoy this adventurous joyful ride on your mobile by playing this exciting game Turbo Flip Star Skater. So, Are you excited?

tricks of skatingFeatures

  • Ride your skateboard and do huge amounts of various stunts!
  • Create your very own skate parks to ride in!
  • Enjoy your character on your own skateboard!
  • Earn expertise focuses to step up your character!
  • All while tuning in to music from incredible specialists and groups!
  • You can gain more score my collect more coin and speedup your skateboard speed
  • Supports all the most recent age gadgets and upgraded for high goals shows.
  • New completely adjustable control framework. You can modify everything!

Ready to become the master in Skateboard?

New Turbo Flip Stars Skater 3D is a round of aptitude that take 2 minutes to see however a real existence time to ace. Genuine dynamic finger controls with genuine material science recreation. Eye comfort designs are utilized for the unwinding of brain in unending skateboard game. Are you ready to become the master by playing Turbo Flip Star Skater. Keep practicing and win the competition.

Turbo Flip Stars SkaterWonderful tricks of skating

Almost everyone wishes that he enjoys skateboarding like those 4 youth companions of rocket power. Through Turbo Skateboard Flip Stars, you can enjoy all the fun of skateboarding with amazing stunts and win the hardest challenge with your wonderful tricks. Jumping, speed up performing various tricks in the air with a skateboard. In this game, you Jump rush on the road and rush to top from bottom with the immoderate speed. Skateboard sprinter is the awe-inspiring fingerboard game among the various skating match-ups. You need to bounce from the hindrances that are out and about. Gather the coins to acquire to an ever-increasing extent and to open the fast skateboard. Skateboarding match-ups are played everywhere throughout the world for the most part in European nations. Get scores bypassing more separation on the course. Skateboard Rush Turbo Flip Stars Skater is a round of expertise that takes 2 minutes to see yet a lifetime to ace.

Top-notch skateboarding

Skateboard Party 2 incorporates cutting edge 3D illustrations uniquely improved for your versatile equipment to furnish you with the best skateboarding experience.

Vocation mode

Complete the skateboarding accomplishments to open new things and areas. Additional experience to update your preferred skater’s credits to perform better and accomplish higher scores.

Free skate

Practice and improve your skateboarding abilities with no time imperatives.


Select the skaters and redo every one of them to your inclination picking your preferred apparatus. A colossal collection of sheets, trucks, and wheels are open.

Make sense of how to skate

Diverse tale tricks to expert and numerous mixes. Follow the instructional exercise to start and advance as you go. Execute the craziest combos and trick courses of action to heap on some incredible high scores, gain skateboarding encounter and become well known.

Game controller

Great with most game controllers available.

Movable controls

New totally movable control structure to plan your own catch position. Modify your truck coziness to change your controlling affectability. Pick your board and plan for an energizing ride! Slide down the slants at quick to show up at crazy statures and become the best Skateboarder on the Planet! Travel the globe on the most bewildering conditions and leave your Skateboarder print wherever all through the World!

Astounding TRICKS!

Open and Perform crazy stunt blends to keep your streak rolling! Beat the most elevated scores by executing the most perilous deceives and arriving at distraught statures!

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