Take your favorite long scarf and get in front of a mirror in your house. Experiment different styles of wearing your favorite custom printed long scarf. It is better to try your methods rather than looking for youtube tutorials. Usually, the scarf-wearing tutorials on youtube are highly complex.

The scarves are very important wardrobe essentials and they can spice up our old dress. They look fashionable and cool as well. Scarves not just uplift out attire, but they also serve various other purposes such as protect us from scorching sun rays. Moreover, you do not need to go to fashion school to learn different ways to wear a scarf.

If you are a beginner, then I must recommend you to pick a long scarf. A long scarf with a soft fabric looks stylish! You can also choose polyester scarves because these scarves resist wrinkles. Make sure that you always choose lightweight so that you remain comfortable the entire day. Here, you will get to learn six simple steps to wrap a scarf. Have a look at the following points:

Learn Basic Simple Dangle

Simple dangle is a perfect way to create an illusion that you are wearing a long This is a goof-proof way to create the illusion of a long silhouette. You should shift your scarf to the center position and make sure that both ends of the scarf are falling free.

While purchasing a long scarf, you should ensure you pick the right color. If you want to have a custom printed scarf, then hire the custom scarves printing service providers who can transform your idea into reality.

Wrap Your Scarf Then Dangle

First of all, wrap a scarf around your neck and add one extra step- dangling. This little variation in scarf-wearing style will completely change your looks. You should first wrap scarf from behind your neck and bring both ends in a forward direction. Pick both ends and cross them around the neck.

Make sure that after crossing both ends of the scarf around the neck, both ends of the scarf should fall in the center. You should let your scarf dangle in front so that you look cool. You can match the pattern of your scarf with your custom socks to create perfect attire.

Coupling Both Ends On One Shoulder

It is one of the simplest and significant twists with your scarf. You need to wrap the scarf first and then let it dangle. You should wrap scarf from behind your neck and then bring both ends in front.

After that cross the scarf at the nape in such a way that brings both ends of the scarf in the front direction again. Finally, try to make a soft know on one shoulder. Make sure the ends of the scarf fly. Always keep in mind that longer ends and custom scarf design create a dramatic appearance.

First Fold, Then Loop And Finally Dangle

First of all, you should fold your scarf, then make a loop and finally dangle it. After implementing this trick, you will make your scarf a focal point as it will cover a large front area of your body. This style of wrapping a scarf is perfect when you are going to wear open jackets.

Moreover, this is a perfect way to update or spruce up your old dresses and tops.  First of all, you should fold the scarf from lengthwise so that it will cut into half. After that wrap this folded scarf around your neck and make both ends fall in the front direction.

You should try to make the loop end of the scarf shorter as compare to the free-falling end. Well, you can adjust it as per your comfort or liking. Now, pick the free-falling ends of the scarf and move it inside the loop.  Do final adjustment as per your comfort. You can also make a small knot or let it fall free.

Transform Scarf Into Beautiful Necklace

You can easily convert your scarf into a beautiful necklace. It can give turtle neck appearance to your top when it is actually not. First of all, take a rope and a long scarf. Now, twist this scarf into a rope. Now, tie this scarf around your neck.

Now, make sure you keep this scarf high and just below the chin.  Finally, you have to ring the free-falling ends of the scarf in the forward direction and then create a soft knot. You can use a printed scarf to make it a beautiful necklace. Match your custom scarf with custom socks.

One-Shoulder Toss

This is one the simplest way to wrap the scarf. It is not just simplest but stylish as well. You have to simply take your scarf at the center of the neck and make sure that both ends are falling in the forward direction. You should lt the one end of the scarf fall free and then wisely twist the other end to the opposite shoulder.

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