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Hospitality industry is an integral part of the national economic interest. It is a big contributor of our economy’s betterment. Hospitality has taken a major shift over the past decade as a result of increased travel interests among the people.

Let’s take a look at some of the pointers as to why hotel management is such a buzz thing in India these days.

• Hotel Management was among the most popularly enrolled courses last year.

• Business and leisure are equal contributors in the rise of hotel

• Indians have developed a keen interest in exploration and travel as a result of globalization.

• The high pay grade of hotel management professionals makes it an even more lucrative industry than before.

• Hotel Management generates over 20 billion USD in just quarter half of any year. This is expected to grow by ten folds by 2025.

While looking for ‘the’ hotel management institute of Kolkata, remember that you shall come across a plethora of options. That simply means that you will need to know which one to pick.

SBIHMIT has been one of the best hotel management institutes in Kolkata for a long time. It has helped students fulfill their dream of pursuing hotel management with excellent career scope ahead.

But you might want to know more about the perks of studying in a hotel management institute in Kolkata. Let’s help you with that!

100% Placement Assistance (a.k.a. job guarantee)

This is the most practical point people look for in institutes these days, as they should.

What is the whole point of spending all that time and money on a course if it doesn’t promise you a good job by the end of it?

SBIHMIT takes student placements very seriously. They ensure that students get placed in top hotels, restaurants and travel agencies at the end of their training.

• 100% Placement to all students irrespective of their grades and their course

• Top companies hire from SBIHMIT because of its esteemed reputation

• Students are rained prior to appearing for calls and interviews so that they can give their best.

Degree Affiliated to MAKAUT (WBUT)

At SBIHMIT, the Hospitality Management degree holds much more value than that of various other typical colleges. Here the degree would be awarded by MAKAUT (WBUT). As a result, it is more legitimate than institutes which do not.

Getting a management degree which is awarded by MAKAUT would mean a great deal for your career. Most of the places would be thrilled to hire you. When it comes to your career you need to understand what certain golden pointers are.

Having a degree from a reputed institute is one of the golden pointers which nobody should miss out upon. For the rest of your career, no matter where you go; it will be seen as a cherry remark on your resume that you got a management degree from a MAKAUT affiliated college.

Industry-Oriented Curriculum

One of the major things which this institute has been able to tackle is a vague curriculum. A syllabus or study material which does not resonate with the current industry makes no sense

Therefore, SBIHMIT has prepared a curriculum with the help of experts and trained professionals in this industry. The syllabus is industry-specific and the training is prepared accordingly. The industrial values and necessities are the top priority in this degree.

The current requirements of the industry are kept in mind while formulating this training. Hence, when students go out and start working in actual professional environments; they have a heads up.

Top Notch Faculty

The teaching faculty members in this institute are experienced professionals. They have years of teaching experience. All the teachers and staff are committed to providing quality education to students.

They shall leave no stone unturned in making sure that students reap the maximum benefit of this course. They are always friendly even when students have doubts. At this institute, students are always encouraged to ask more questions.
This not only helps them become more intelligent but gives them the scope to learn better.

High-end Campus Facilities and Amenities

• Fully equipped labs and kitchen facilities for practical classes

• Computer labs for students’ assistance

• Highly equipped libraries and with a lot of study material

• A large and eco-friendly campus which uplifts the mood of students.

The campus is built with maximum efficiency. At no time would students feel like they are missing out on anything or have any scarcity.

The labs and practice rooms are loved by students. They get to train themselves with maximum facilities.

For aspiring Chefs, in hotel management degree; this is undoubtedly the best college. The training kitchen is so well managed that it is ought to make them so excited. Students learn from professional hotel Head-Chefs who would also share some insider secrets.

Affordable Fee Structure

A very common misconception which surrounds Hotel Management courses is that they are heavy on the pocket. Considering that they give students high paying salaries, it is easy to believe that.

But revolutionary institutes like SBIHMIT are breaking that stereotype. The course fee is relatively affordable and the course prospects are higher than most institutes in this city. When it comes to campus facilities and placements, SBIHMIT is higher than most.

Best Internships

If you are entering the hospitality industry then it goes without saying that internships play a huge role in establishing good records.

Not only are they good as learning experiences but also, you need a couple of solid internships on your resume. Therefore, you would need to choose an institute who takes your internships seriously.

Lucky for you because SBIHMIT has tie-ups with some excellent hotels and hospitality centers where you can get internships. You also get a six month industrial training opportunity which is quite the charming factor.


It goes without saying that hotel management is the ultimate degree we should be looking after if a good and stable career is the dream.

It is one of those exciting jobs where you do not have to be glued to a desk for the rest of your life. You get to have the adrenaline rush, have people under your command; all the while making good money for yourself.

SBIHMIT gives you the opportunity to be an excellent professional in the hotel management. Whether you want to be a hotel manager, chef, hospitality in charge or an entrepreneur; this course would prepare you for everything.

If you wish to know more about the course details, then reach out to us for a free counseling session. We will be more than happy to help you out.

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