Difference Between Authoritative And Authoritarian Parenting Style

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Are you a strict parent with too many rules and regulations to discipline the child? Or a parent with a moderate rule book that has a room for rule breaks? You will be astonished to know that your parenting style can have a lifetime impact on a kid’s growth.

Moreover, there are various types of parenting styles.and each style can have a deep impact on a child’s overall personality development and growth.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Parenting Styles?

Diana Baumrind – a famous psychologist analyzed people’s parenting approach extensively. The results of her study builds a close relationship between a parenting style and the child’s performance, which leads to diverse outcomes in the child’s life.

 The key determinant she examined for the study is parental affection (responsiveness) and control (demandingness). Baumrind Parenting Topology groups parenting methods as below.

The Permissive Parenting Style

It’s a very soft parenting style with a “kids will be kids” approach. Parents do not impose strict rules and regulations on kids.

The Uninvolved Parenting Style

With Don’t know, don’t bother approach, parents are hardly aware of their kid’s life. There is very limited interaction between the parents and their children.

Authoritative Parenting Style

A child-centric parenting method, with a mixture of warmth and control. Parents use reasonable controlling tactics along with concern and affection.

Authoritarian Parenting Style

“I say you follow” is the mantra of this style. The authoritarian style of parenting involves great demandingness and weak responsiveness.

Understand the Authoritative And Authoritarian Parenting Style

Out of all four parenting styles, parents mostly exercise authoritative or authoritarian style of parenting. Knowing the characteristics of both styles will help to differentiate between both.

Qualities Of Authoritative Parenting Style

  • Authoritative parents are mindful and sensitive by nature. They observe the kid’s overall performance and guide them only when they need it the most.
  • Establishing fair limitations with well-defined controls is a key factor of the authoritative parenting style.
  • Parents never hurt their children physically or emotionally. They never use insulting language.
  • Authoritative parents involve their children in various family functions, social engagements, etc and increase a child’s social skill. 

Authoritative Parenting Effects

  • Authoritative parents do not over-push their kids to shine in studies and never invoke the fear of getting lower grades and as a result, such kids perform excellently and always achieve high ranks.
  • Authoritative parents educate their kids to respect themselves and others. Therefore kids grow up as self-aware adults who respect the individuality of others.
  • These kids learn to balance every aspect and enjoy a harmonious life with ease.

Qualities Of Authoritarian Parenting

  • Authoritarian parents concentrate on authority. They punish the kid for failures and misbehavior’s.
  • Such parents have certain rules but do not describe the rationale behind them. The kids are supposed to follow the rules in any situation.
  • The authoritarian parenting style lacks trust and affection. These parents do not nurture their children with affection.
  • Their criticism is not productive. They do not acknowledge the child’s effort. A child develops low self-esteem and confidence.

Authoritarian Parenting  Effects

  • When the kids’ performance is not appreciated, they grow up with low self-esteem.
  • Low esteem ends in poor social skills as the kid has trouble communicating with people in social surroundings.
  • The kids of authoritarian parents follow the rules well, but they do not showcase any self-discipline. These children always need someone to guide them and mostly they are confused and indecisive.
  • Such kids can not handle failures. They often easily get demotivated.

Difference Between Authoritative And Authoritarian Parenting Style

Want to understand the difference between the two parenting styles with example? Check out the table and understand the real-life examples and outcomes of both the parenting style.

        Situation Authoritative Parenting Authoritarian Parenting
When a child steals a toffee from the mall A parent will make a child understand that he can’t steal things and will buy him a bar of chocolate. Parents will immediately spank the child for his misbehavior.
A teenager is using the mobile phone all day long and installs a few indecent apps The parent will limit his device usage by actively engaging him in other games or sports. He will be punished or parent can snatch away the phone for downloading such apps.
If a youngster avoids eating vegetables and orders Pizza frequently A parent will educate the child about the importance of eating vegetable. He will be punished and parents may not give the next meal.
A child is throwing tantrums to avoid study Parents will encourage the child to focus on studies by making him understand the value of studies in real life. Parents will restrict a child for using TV and will threaten him so hard that he has to obey his parents out of fear.

We all come across such real-life instances where we have to adopt the authoritative style. Eg, if your child is addicted to a device, you should smartly curtail his usage by parental control apps.

Moreover, if he avoids his studies you can use educational websites and make the study process fun! Authoritative parenting is all about nurturing the kids with affection and care.

To sum up, let’s note that kids are our ultimate treasure. And the parenting style that we adopt can make or break their personality.

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