Phone Tracking App for Digital Parenting

Digital parenting is to get kids to learn about dos and don’ts of the digital world. The technologists have developed a mobile phone app to facilitate digital parenting and to secure children from the potential dangers of the online world. By getting smartphones of kids installed with this app, parents can supervise and manage the digital behavior of their offspring. In this article, we have reviewed the best app for phone tracking. Read on to know how it supports parents and let them bring up responsible digital natives.

Best Phone Tracking App

OgyMogy brings the most reliable mobile phone tracker solution for non-tech-savvy parents. By using this high-tech application, parents can keep an eye on the digital activities of their children. It lets them know what their kids do when they are connected to the internet and when they are offline. The app also helps to find out what kids do in real life. It provides the current GPS location of your concerned ones to let you keep tabs on their footsteps.


It works on all the contemporary cellphones and tablet devices running with Android operating systems. Moreover, you can use it secretly on the target phone and you can keep it invisible even on the latest OS version and above devices.

How Cell Phone Tracker App Works

The very first step you need to take is to get access to the official webpage of OgyMogy. Moreover, you can get the subscription online, and in addition to that, you will receive the credentials in terms of password and ID. Now get access on the target device and once you have got the possession of the phone physically then you need to start the process of installation. Afterward, complete the setup on the target device and use the credentials to get access to the online web portal. Now you can get access to the powerful features that you can use to perform online parenting. Let’s get to know how to use the powerful features to make sure the digital safety of the children obsessed with cellphones and social media activities.

How to use phone surveillance software Features

Live screen recording

Get access to the web portal and tap on the screen recording app. It empowers you to get access to the target cellphone and further record short videos of the screen back to back and send the recorded videos to the dashboard.

Call recording

You can track and record live cellphone calls incoming and as well as outgoing calls using secret call recording software. In addition to that, you can save the data on the web.

IM’s logs

Now you can use the online control panel of the phone tracking app and you can get the instant messenger’s logs. You can get the activity logs in terms of messages, chat conversations, audio-video voice conversations, and voice messages logs.


Remotely capture screenshots of cellphone devices to monitor children’s activities.


OgyMogy is the best of the best mobile phone tracking app that enables parents to perform digital parenting.

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