Email Marketing Toos

Everyone knows 2020 was not good year for business owners and marketers due to Covid-19 pandemic.  Business was low and sales were down. So In this year no one wants to invest un-necessarily, no one is ready to invest for marketing as the situation is not controlled and they can lose the money. In this situation how do you feel if I’ll tell you some great free email marketing tools?

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Well its true email marketing is a great digital technique to promote your business. But most of the people don’t know how to automate email marketing campaign for free. Here are few tips and tools to do email marketing for free.

The process is simple; you need to create a list of your prospect. Decide what you want to offer them. Attached the database with free email marketing software, select a template and run the promotion. Marketing needs these three steps only and this will take only few minutes. Now we will talk about the email marketing tools that can help in this regard free of charge.

My first suggestion for free tool is Hubspot. You’ll ask why hubspot? Hubspot have several dynamic features like read email notification. This free email marketing tool will help you to notify when your prospect read your email. If they open email several times you’ll get the notification each time. You can automate and schedule your marketing email through this email marketing tool. But if you feel you don’t want to use Hubspot and feel this tool is complicated and would like to know any other free email marketing tool so here is the next option for you.

If you have a heavy load of transaction emails and want a one shot solution of email marketing for free with this type of email SendIn Blue is the best solution for you. With email marketing this tool also help you to send invoices. You don’t need to create a custom invoice or newsletter; SendIn Blue has several free templates in it.

If you think you don’t have any accounting need and want a simple email marketing tool to run you campaign and the tool should be user friendly so you are not demanding too much, I have something for you that work as you want.

I’ll suggest you to use MailChimp, currently this tool is really popular as it is user friendly and has thousands of templates with different business niche. You just need to do small editing work and everything is ok. As mention earlier just 3 step to complete your email marketing. Add your data, edit the template, run the campaign. See how easy to run a campaign with the help of this email marketing tool.

Well when you go to the websites of above mention tools, maybe you will see some subscription prices, those prices are for premium features. The basic marketing tools are absolutely free of charge. Yes you can get all above email marketing tools for free. If you still looking for something different you can visit my website, I have updated the information about the email automation and email marketing tools in details.

If you have any query about the sales and lead generation I can help you in this regard as well free of charge you just need to visit my website and you will get all the information by self. You also can contact me directly for any assistance. Hope you’ll like the article and will come back to read more. Thank you for your reading.

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